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One Year of Blogging

<![CDATA[ I have great reason to celebrate: one year of blogging! Well, one year and something…. Although this post is rather late, mainly due to a really heavy teaching schedule in July and August, I have been thinking about it and writing bits and bytes whenever I had a few […]

My Blog Reading Homework

<![CDATA[In his blog post A vast Pool of Human Knowledge, Neglected, Darren Elliott, like a true teacher, gave us all a little bit of homework for the weekend, which goes as follows: 1. Have a look through the archives of your favourite bloggers. You can usually find archives in the […]

My Nominations for Edublogs Awards 2009

<![CDATA[ …And my nominations for the Edublog Awards 2009 are: Best individual blog Karenne Sylvester’s Kalinagoenglish Gavin Dudeney’s ThatS’Life Best individual tweeter Shelly Terrell Best new blog Ken Wilson’s Blog Digital Play Best class blog Christina Markoulaki (Maria Markaki Language School) Best resource sharing […]