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English is the Lingua Franca of the modern world.

And it is not just the language spoken in the British Isles or the United States, but spoken and used all over the world, as a first language alone, it is used in more  than 100 countries in the world It is not surprising that everyone wants to be able to speak this language to some degree.

Some people just need to reach an intermediate level to cover their  communication needs, others, need to reach a very high level e.g.

University students – Lawyers – Doctors – Business people – Marketeers – Scientists

Most of the information published today – especially online – is in English.

         Countries where English is the official language.

Reach a high level at CELT Athens

CELT Athens is a specialist centre where you can learn English using the latest methods and using insights from the latest research in language learning. We are a centre which trains teachers of English from all  over the world and have an international reputation for quality in this area.

Our English tutors have qualifications at Cambridge Diploma and Masters level from UK based universities – please check out their credentials and qualifications here – and extensive experience of teaching general and specialist English classes. They are all trainers of teachers of English. As such, we can boast one the best trained team of tutors worldwide!

You can find out information about our general purpose teaching courses here  or English for professionals in a variety of fields here.

Free Classes

Throughout the year we offer free English Language classes at two levels – usually in the morning – so that our teachers in training can practise the latest methods of English Language Teaching. If you need more information  please click here or download an application form  here: Free Lessons Application Form

 You can watch parts of a  beginner lesson below


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bvxFwbETfQ?list=PL3e8rLBDg0gZwMWooB7q9C0DaEpO-fICs%5D