Blog Challenge: Tradition Revisited & Revamped

<![CDATA[Inspired by the #ELTchat of November 10, 1020, here is a blog challenge to collect and learn how you use traditional practices in your modern innovative class

The topic we discussed was:

When you think of traditional ELT approaches, are they all totally bad? What are good things you can draw from each of them?

You can read the transcript of the #ELTchat here but I would like to highlight some tweets which I thought were turning points in the conversation:

The first one was one of many similar tweets – but I felt this one really expressed well the way I think about sound teaching practice:


Later, Chuck Sandy came out with this great statement:


Then Luke Meddings stepped into the conversation and signed a death warrant for PPP….


…to which Jeremy Harmer replied with this comment:

Later, I interviewed Jeremy Harmer on the topic of this #ELTchat and you can listen to his comments expanding on this particular statement in the podcast of the interview here .

So here is the blog challenge:

What traditional techniques do you still use in your classes and how have you changed them or adapted them to suit your own style of teaching and the particular needs of your learners?

  • What are the good things you can draw from each of the approaches labelled traditional?
  • How have you adapted them or changed them/renovated them and how do you integrate them into your teaching practice?

In some contexts, grammar translation may be the only approach teachers consider traditional, but don’t forget to include other approaches and methods, such as the Audio-Lingual Method, the Presentation Practice Production model of early Communicative Language Teaching and more.

If you decide to take up this challenge, please link back to this post where all the posts collected will be listed.

I look forward to reading and sharing your blog posts. I look forward to learning from you.

Some useful reading about approaches & methods if you need to brush up:

Do suggest other texts which you have found to be useful.

Blog Posts in Response to this Challenge:

  • Old techniques die hard | A Journey in TEFL
  • Something old, something new…. | Marisa Constantinides – TEFL Matters
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    15 replies

    1. I think it’s great you really went on with the challenge Marisa! It was a very interesting dicussion on ELTChat, and the blog challenge seems like the perfect way to develop what started there.

      Look forward to learning a lot from the posts (and hopefully being able to write one too!).


    2. Hi Marisa

      I was away for that ELTchat (I keep missing them) but this blog challenge is certainly one I’d be interested in joining! What was Jeremy Harmer’s response btw? Could not see it on your post.

      • Hope you can see it now – if you can’t, here goes:

        @Harmerj Something very worrying abt ppl throwing out tradition which has been shown to work just because it’s old #ELTchat

        I really look forward to reading your post, Lindsay, whether it’s one or six things! 🙂

    3. Great challenge, Marisa! It’s really inspiring. I couldn’t make it to #ELTchat but I’m planning to write a post in response to yours.
      Regards from Argentina!
      Marisa (@Mtranslator)

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