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Getting teens to keep talking

<![CDATA[The noontime #ELTchat on 09/03/2011 focused on how to motivate teens to extend their speaking activities, so as to go beyond “I agree” “I disagree”. A numbers of issues was raised such as motivation, being relaxed, students’ silence etc. This summary was contributed by Anastasia Kararoudi – @tasoulazac on Twitter […]

Helping colleagues with teacher-burnout

<![CDATA[ Last week’s #ELTchat focused on teacher burn-out and here is the summary contributed by Priscilla Santos @teacher_prix on Twitter! Many thanks, Priscilla:-) #ELTchat Summary March 9, 2011. How can we best help burnt-out colleagues? How do we help them get their enthusiasm back and encourage sharing and support? The […]

Animating Stories

<![CDATA[I have been playing with story animation tools for a long time, learning from colleagues' blogs and links on Twitter.  Recent posts include Burcu Akyol’s  4-3-2-1 Action! Online Tools For Making Movies in the Language Classroom and Shelly Terrell’s presentation on Digital Storytelling which includes some excellent ideas. Here are […]