Process Writing in Pictures

My new infographic

Some time ago, I started trying to learn to make infographics and had an idea for a poster showing a possible lesson following a process orientation to writing.

The infographic took quite a bit of work to do. Process was less easy to depict than I had anticipated but here is my infographic

Teachers, use if you think it might help your students understand the structure of your writing lessons; teacher trainer colleagues, use if you are doing a session on this topic.

I have often used it as a prompt in a loop input on process writing to get trainees to write about writing.

My handmade drawing

Drawing by Marisa Constantinides

Which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below please 🙂


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  1. Really like them both – both are really effective visualisations of process writing. Your infographic shows the process really clearly whereas your wonderful drawing captures the reality of the ‘messiness’ involved in the process. Makes me think it would be a great idea for trainees to have a go at portraying the process visually based on written or practical input and then using yours to compare.

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