Defragmenting Foreign Language Learning

Presenting language in small fragments hoping that they will one day automatically transform into fluent near-native talk may not be enough. My talk at TESOL Greece highlighted some ways in which skilled performers achieve excellence and focused on practical activities promoting holistic language learning using a variety of free online […]

How not to teach English

Here are some of the things that still happen in many classrooms in Greece – do they also happen in other parts of the world? The teacher and the students talk to each other mainly using the students’ mother tongue. The teacher asks the students to read a text aloud. […]

Writing: Fear and Loathing in the Classroom

by Alexander Makarios Each and every time EFL learners hear the word “writing” a number of grim thoughts suddenly crop up in their minds.– Teachers know that, better than anyone else – even the learners themselves. Imagine the following scenario: You have  planned a perfectly staged lesson, have brought in […]