Celebrating 24 years of memories with our videos

Celebrating our anniversary 24 years on 

24 years ago,  I found myself having to reboot my ideas about running a teacher development centre and realised that this time I would have to go it on my own.

Today, I find myself feeling grateful to all those trainees who entrusted their professional development to CELT Athens.

There are hundreds and hundreds of them and cannot all be mentioned by name but thank you all!

It’s been an exciting ride and there have been great days as well as rough times – don’t let videos make you believe it’s all a bed of roses.

But on looking back, I often forget the bad times – I am an educator, therefore I am an optimist by definition, someone who believes they can make a difference.

I hope this is true –  share some of those good times with us.

Teachers need to be cheered up too – we’re not unbreakable, nor infallible.  So, here we go, sharing our anniversary videos with the readers of this blog.


our 24 year anniversary video

Last year, we made a video with numbers

For our 20 year anniversary – a video with numbers

In 2010 we made this to celebrate – and got a lot of wonderful comments as a result which we treasure always!!!!!


For our 17 year anniversary – a video with memories

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