CELTA Fully Online


Our fully online course offerings have become the most popular course option.

CELT Athens has been providing online interactive courses since 2014 and our team have a lot of experience of online instructional design. Attending a course online requires a lot of concentration, even more than in a face-to-face class. That is why our online courses are a mix of live interactive and self-paced learning to avoid long exposure to screen time.  We also provide additional free support with our special preparation course Teaching Languages Online which aims to help teachers new to teaching Online.  This course is completely free for our registered trainees and will gain you an extra Certificate. Read more about its content and method of delivery here. 

Independent work in your own time

The content of the course is delivered asynchronously through the Cambridge online platform and all access and study time will be done whenever a candidate has free time.

Live Meetings on Zoom 

Each candidate is required to teach 8 lessons to our adult learners at two different levels, pre-intermediate and upper intermediate.   Attendance of these live sessions is required. During these meetings you will be…

  • Teaching and observing others teach real students
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Planning follow-up lessons with tutor supervision.
  • Attending live seminars & progress tutorials

The days and times of interactive sessions may be adjusted to the needs of different groups of trainees in different time zones.


4 short assignments – please review the objectives and assignment in the CELTA Syllabus document embedded below.

CELTA Fully Online

Course Type 1 

Part Time Courses

Our part time fully online course is completed over a period of 10-12 weeks depending on the time of year and the number of participants. Click here for dates

The timetable

Interactive meetings on Zoom are held usually on one full morning or afternoon a week  teaching (e.g. Fridays a.m. or Mondays p.m.) 


We estimate an average of 5-6 hours per week for coursework plus additional hours for lesson planning and attending the live sessions. The course is suited to working teachers but requires you to set aside a minimum of about 15 hours per week for attendance, study and planning.

Course Type 2

Intensive & Semi-Intensive Courses

This is a full time course completed over 6 weeks but it has been organised in such a way that you do not need to be in a Zoom meeting all day every day of the week.

The timetable

Live sessions are on two full days a week  a.m. or p.m.   (for approximately 5 hours each time) for the following:


We estimate an average of about 10 hours working independently on the course content, plus additional hours lesson planning and assignment writing. The 6-week course can be quite demanding and it is difficult to follow if you are also working. you will need to set a minimum of about 25 hours per week for attendance, study and planning.

To participate
You will need a reasonably fast connection and a laptop or desktop with a web camera. You will also need a noise-cancelling headset with a microphone (not the one you use for your smartphone). This will allow you to participate and teach with no audio and and video issues. Our online/virtual classroom allows participants audio, video, text chat and screen sharing (standard tools in all live classrooms) as well as other great functionalities, such as dividing students into separate rooms in order to do group work.

Certification and validation

Some candidates often express concern about their certification after completing an online CELTA course as there are countries that do not accept certificates which have been obtained online. Cambridge English Teaching has responded that a CELTA Certificate obtained online has exactly the same recognition and value as the one obtained by attending an in-person courses. In our experience to date, none of our online candidates who have been awarded the CELTA certificate from an online course have ever had problems with employers, however, it would be wise to check if currently employed.

Follow these instructions to apply:

  1. Download the Application Form for the CELTA and return completed to info@celt.edu.gr
  2. A member of our team will send you the ‘pre-interview task’ this is a pre-course written assessment.
  3. Complete the assessment in your own time (offline in your own time) and email it to i
  4. Arrange a date and time when you can attend the interview with the course tutor.
  5. If you are accepted  and offered a place on the course, we will inform you of the payment plan for your course option.

    Dates & Tuition Fees


    CELTA fully online courses

      10-week part time fully online courses*
    – January 09 – March 18 2023
    – March 20 – May 20 2023
    – June 05 – August 13 2023
    6-week semi-intensive fully online courses*
    – November 07- December 17 2022
    – February 06 – March 18 2023
    – March 20 – May 06 2023

    Tuition fees   from €1300  
    Cambridge assessment fees  €300 
    * A free preparation course for teaching online is offered to all our online and mixed mode candidates 

And if you are worried about teaching online 

Not a problem!!!  Candidates for fully online CELTA courses are invited to also follow our Teaching Languages Online Course completely free of charge and get a second Certificate!


This course is taught by distance (asynchronously) and aims to familiarise candidates with the tools needed for online teaching.  Teaching assessments on this course will be done online in a Zoom classroom, so it is quite important  that they begin their teaching assessments online with confidence and sufficient know-how about the technical requirements and tools available to online teachers. Click here for more details.  These extra training hours will be offered free of charge to all applicants and an extra Certificate of attendance will be awarded to those who undertake to complete the course assignments. Take advantage of this great opportunity to attend a course taught by experienced online tutors.

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