Dates and Tuition


CELT Athens Tuition fees and dates at a glance!

Check tuition fees and dates for each course. A list of Cambridge assessment fees down below. 

CELTA fully online courses


CELTA in Athens

The gold standard teaching qualification now available online

The online course gives you the opportunity to develop your teaching skills for teaching both online and offline by following a recognised Cambridge Distance learning platform. In these last two years, we have run more than 10 fully online courses and have made this internationally recognized available accreditation available to more than 150 teachers of English who would have otherwise never been able to travel abroad!  Click here for more


Our popular face-to-face course restarts. 

Book your place on our first in person course after two long years during which we had to cancel such courses due to the pandemic. The dates below are provisional and, of course, depend on our country’s progress, travel restrictions and policies and the safety of our trainees and students.  For part time courses, it is possible to have a blended option (content online, teaching assessments in Athens). Read more here

  • – April 18 – May 28 2022 (6 weeks – online – semi-intensive)
  • – June 4 – July 16 2022 (6 weeks – online – semi-intensive)
  • – July 18 – August 27  2022 (6 weeks – online –semi-intensive)
  • – October 10 – December 17 2022 (10 weeks – online – part time)
  • – January 09 – March 18 2023 (10 weeks – online – part time)


  • – June 6 – July 1 2022 (4 weeks – in Athens – superintensive)*
  • – July 4 – 29 2022   (4 weeks – in Athens – superintensive)*
  • – September 5 – November 26 2022 (12 weeks – in Athens or blended) part time
 Tuition from €1350                                                      


Tuition from  €1350                      *On Special Offer

DELTA All Modules Part Time fully online course


DELTA Module by Module  

A lever 7 qualification offering its holders exemptions from masters programmes

An integrated course covering input and support for Modules 1, 2 & 3 into one seamless whole. It can be completed in one academic or one calendar year. We provide the adult students for you Teaching Practices during the course.


WE prefer integrated courses but are happy to accept candidates who wish to follow their delta one module at a time.
  • Module One only delails  here.
  • Module Two only delails here

October – December in Athens (dates soon)


  • –June 06 – December 02 2022
  • – October 03 2022 – March 31 2023

Tuition €2500


Tuition €800




DELTA All Modules  8- week course in Athens


Cambridge Delta Module 3 – Option 1


To complete Module 2, attendance of a course is obligatory. You can attend this course face-to-face, blended, and until the end of 2023, you can be assessed teaching fully online due to the pandemic. To learn more, please click here. 


Option 1: Extending Practice and ELT Specialism

Assessed via an extended assignment on one of the many ELT specialisms listed here.  To follow this option, you need to have a class available for your research or you can use our own adult learners

  • –June 06 – December 02 2022
  • – October 03 2022 – March 31 2023


  • – March 1 – May 30 2022 (June Submission)
  • – September 1 (December 2022 submissions)
  • – March 1 (June 2023 submissions)
Tuition €1800


Tuition €600




DELTA Module 3 – Option 2


Cambridge Train the Trainer Course

Management Skills are indispensable in language teaching and learning and vital for the academic and commercial success of a language centre.Assessed via an extended assignment on one of the following specialisms listed below:
Academic Management – Human Resources Management (HRM) – Customer Service – Marketing Read more here


Become a teacher trainer and pass on your expertiseAre you an experienced teacher of English? Every teacher has the potential to train other teachers – but training teaching requires specialist knowledge and skills. This is a short 30-hour course which can be delivered fully online synchronously or asynchronously. Our next two courses are both 10-week part time delivered live online  More here.  
  • – March 1 – May 30 2022 (June Submission)
  • – September 1 (December 2022 submissions)
  • – March 1 (June 2023 submissions)


Last two dates as Cambridge is withdrawing this accreditation

  • – July 4 – September 9 (10 weeks – online – part time)
  • – October 3 – December 7 (10 weeks – online – part time)
Tuition €600


Tuition €450 


Teaching English to Young Learners 

Language Awareness for English Teachers

An advanced language course intended for prospective or practising Teachers of English who wish to develop and enhance their language knowledge and skills to the high level required of competent TEFL ELT professionals.
It’s a great course for both native and non-native speaking teachers who want to upgrade their knowledge and level of English in order to follow internationally recognised programmes such as the Cambridge CELTA and/or Delta – details  here 



A course highly suited to teachers who have already completed their basic training and wish to specialise in teaching young learners. It is an ideal extension course to the Cambridge CELTA for this who find jobs involving teaching children. The course is delivered fully online and includes two teaching assessments. The course can also be followed by Delta candidates who are thinking of following a Module 3 Specialism on Teaching Young Learners. Please note the dates below. Candidates meet twice a week for 2-hours.  More details here

  • – summer dates to be announced soon
  • – this course can also be run on demand 1-2-1 or for small groups


  • –   April 4  – May 14 (5 weeks)
  • –   May 2- July 3 (5 weeks)

Tuition €800


Tuition €400



Teaching Languages Online


Grammar for Teachers

A short and very practical course which introduces teachers to some basic principles and tools useful when they are teaching online. Our courses run throughout the year and are offered usually two weeks before the start of our CELTA or Delta courses and they aim to help our trainees to use our Zoom platform on which they will be assessed. Tuition for our internal CELTA and Delta candidates is completely free!  Read more


Are you thinking of following a CELTA or a DELTA course and are not certain about your knowledge of the Grammar of English?
Are you able to spot mistakes in other people’s speech or writing but are unable to explain why something is wrong or what the rule? Choose this course to improve your ability to analyse and explain language. For more click here.

An online asynchronous course which you can join any time you are ready.


An on-demand course 1-2-1 or for small groups
Tuition €100   (free for our CELTA and Delta registered trainees)


Tuition €250

Cambridge assessment fees:

– €150 (in Athens courses)
– €250 (fully online courses

– Module 1 €140
– Module 2 €160
– Module 3 €100

Train the Trainer
– €200 (fully online)