Trainee Reviews


I had the most amazing learning journey completing this course . It was definitely worth completing as I feel I have been equipped with the necessary skills to move onto my teaching career . My tutors were tough and amazing. Without their support I could not have completed the course.  I made new teaching colleagues and I look forward to continuing my learning journey with CELTA. 

Caroline Vereker ELI School Dublin / Teacher

CELTA was a great experience! I never thought that it is possible to learn so much in 5 weeks, but it is. The course gave me the knowledge and the confidence to start my teaching career. I implement lots of things from the course, sometimes without noticing 🙂

CELTA course is intense, intensive, overwhelming, exhausting, but extremely rewarding. I am glad that I got a chance to get that experience, and to start my professional development with the lovely staff of CELT Athens.

Irena Saric ESL teacher, ELI Schools Drogheda, Ireland CELTA Online 2022

DELTA is an infamously hard course to pass so I personally would like to thank my great tutors Marisa and Angelos who were fantastic in delivering input and providing us with a great support framework during this course!  
I highly recommend taking Module 1 or all three modules at CELT as they are both very competent and knowledgeable about how to pass the DELTA!

Jonathan Eagle Cambridge DELTA Module 1 2022

I would like to express appreciation for my lovely tutors, Marisa and Angelos, and my supportive colleagues in the class for creating a friendly environment during the course. Taking all three modules of Delta with CELT Athens is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The first and foremost reason is the trainers who are all experienced and supportive, the competitive tuition which is lower than that of other Cambridge centers I know. The final reason is their free extra services. Before the course, I was given access to the TLO course (Teaching Languages Online) and to a great virtual collection of online resources!

Ras Ahmadi Cambridge DELTA all modules 2022

I have had some other courses with some other centers but the thing that I have understood is that CELT Athens is the best. They supported me at each stage and provided me with a lot of feedback. Everything was given to us at the very beginning of the course and we had access to great libraries and padlets in order to finish our course. in order to get a good grade in the DELTA module 1, they spent ours working with us and checking our mock exams with details. all in all, I do believe that CELT Athens is not comparable with other centers.

Fatemeh Aghamasihi Cambridge DELTA All Modules 2022

When I started my Delta training course at CELT Athens, I was surprised by the level of Professionalism. The support I received from my tutors, Marisa and Angelos, was beyond my expectations. Knowledgeable, perfectly trained, professional tutors. Highly recommended!! 

Voula Kopsida Cambridge Delta All Modules 2022

DELTA seemed to be challenging for me, a Japanese, but I was able to complete the course smoothly thanks to all the tutors’ guidance with enthusiasm and my classmates’ support. The course gave me the opportunity to improve my teaching skills through different perspectives. I would like to express my sincere gratitude.

Rieko Kazama Cambridge DELTA All Modules 2022

 Celt International has knowledgeable and supportive tutors. They helped me at every stage of the course. Although the course was entirely  online, I felt so comfortable as if it was face to face. Strong relationships were formed among the trainees and that was great. I met people from literally  all over the world which broadened my horizon. Such a great course for Personal Development. It made me feel more confident about who I am professionally. So take my word and give it a try!

Aikaterini Charaktinioti Cambridge DELTA all modules 2022

I was so lucky to complete the course with CELT, where I learned  new training techniques & exchanged ideas with liked-minded trainers. It was a fun & rich experience indeed. Both my trainers, Marisa & Angelos were super professional, knowledgeable & helpful. I highly recommend the course for current & potential trainers.

Rihan H. M Train the Trainer Course, July 2021

My one month stay at Athens, with CELT Athens, was nothing short of wonderful. I was well looked and given tremendous academic support by my tutors. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I would recommend this course in a heartbeat!

Tarveen Wallia DELTA Module 2 2018

Friendly, knowledgeable tutors, professional conduct and a very worthwhile experience.

Highly recommended!

Alexander Shaw DELTA All Modules 2021

It was one of the best experiences I have ever had! This course gave me the opportunity to develop myself and my skills! My tutors were lovely and very willing to help me anytime! It was such a pleasure and I am grateful that I decided to take this course!

Kate Papadaki CELTA online 2021

I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of heart for making me feel so great and giving me this great opportunity and essentials to become a better teacher! You are all lovely and I will never forget you!

Maria Karagianni DELTA Module 1 2021

Each step we took during the course was with guidance by highly experienced and professional tutors. I feel really thankful the great help from the Athens centre, for you are the ones who boosted my professional development.

Zilin Zhao CELTA Online May 2021