Cambridge Delta – Distance and Proximity in a Live Classroom

An exciting way of doing your Cambridge DELTA online  

Following a Delta course online does not mean only Moodle or some similar environment where you log in, read, write and never interact live. Our online Delta courses have become so popular just because they take place in a LIVE online classroom where you can use video and audio and communicate with tutors and peers from around the world instantly!

Online Classrooms are an ideal way of delivering content to trainees who need the immediacy of live interactions rather than the written reflections and responses to reflections.

Have a look at a screenshot of our online classes below!

Screenshots of Module 2 and Module 3 specialism input

As you can see, everyone – every single trainee and tutor – can be on video and audio! Online trainees have all this at their fingertips: 

  • voice chat
  • video for all participants
  • an interactive whiteboard
  • projection area for powerpoint presentations, video, images, handouts
  • ability to download handouts during webinars
  • recordings of webinars for revision or make up work!
  • ability to do pairwork and groupwork in separate (breakout) rooms during the webinar !
  • ability to upload your own ideas and materials
  • text chat
  • note boxes
  • opinion polls

… and more!!! Have you ever experienced one of our online classes? Ask us to send you a link to a free webinar here  

You can read all about it on our website by clicking right here!

Or you can send me an email –

FAQ’s about the Distance Delta

  1. When are we supposed to be assessed in the different modules?

Module 1 written exams take place on the first Wednesday of June or December. You can sit for your exam in Athens, if you happen to live or be there at the time, or anywhere near you where there is a CELTA centre.

Module 2 teaching assessments can take place during the part time course (if in Athens or nearby) or you can come to Athens any 3-4 weeks convenient to you.

Module 3 can be taken after completing Module 2 for any of the option 1 topics, or even before, of wishing to follow the ELT Management Specialism.

2. Do I need to have a CELTA to follow a Delta course?

Ideally, you should have followed a pre-service course like the CELTA or similar, so that you can plan lessons, write lesson plans and have been observed by tutors and peers in the past. On the distance course, however, even if you have not done a CELTA, we may accept candidates (who do well in the entry exam, of course! 🙂 )

3. Do you offer a course for every single Module 3 Specialism?

No, most specialisms are supported through individual tutorials and candidate research; their content will normally have been covered on the online course in some way. The only courses offered extra are



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