Eight steps to becoming a more creative teacher (reblogged)

Earlier this summer, I was involved in a series of presentations, writings, webinars and even a trip to London to present a seminar live at the British Council central offices, in Spring Gardens. 

Much of this activity has been reported here and elsewhere – facebook, twitter and even You Tube. Here is a blog post I wrote for ‘Voices’ the BC online blog


Eight steps to becoming a more creative teacher

By Marisa Constantinides

15 July 2015
How can teachers develop their creativity in the classroom? Marisa Constantinides, who recently presented a webinar on the subject for our EnglishAgenda website, gives us her tips. 

When I recently asked some colleagues what attributes they associated with creative teachers, flexibility (or thinking on one’s feet), being open to new ideas, and being imaginative were at the top of the list.

But how can we develop these qualities? What are the first steps?

Step one: become a knowledgeable teacher

Today, it’s easier than ever before to learn about teaching. There are lots of books, training courses, free online coursesonline resources, and university programmes that can help us develop as teachers.

Learning about other things is important too. Creative teachers bring more to class than just a knowledge of teaching. They are educated in other areas, and can draw on their experiences and outside interests.

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