Delta Module 1 Preparation Online mini course


Our Delta Courses are integrated and we like them that way but every term we offer a short 12-15 hour course for our candidates and for people who have been studying on their own but need some tips and tricks for the exam itself.

So, this course will not teach you the main areas of the content but aims to help you pass if you have done the studying on your own!

What this course can do for you

If you have been studying for Module 1 on your own, this course will help you with exam technique, suggestions on managing your time during the exam and strategies for answering the exam questions so that you can get the marks you need in order to pass.

It is not intended as a content introduction course but will give you the strategies you need to answer the questions in the exam. A thorough analysis of the exam questions followed by practice will help you focus on how to study and how to answer more efficiently.

On finishing the course, you can choose to pay an additional 30 euros to have a mock exam paper marked and advice sent to you on what to revise and which areas/questions you need to focus on.

Course Structure

There will be four meetings of 3 hours each – each meeting is divided into two 90 minute webinars

Saturday November 14 12:00 p.m. GMT+2

Session 1  Introduction to Module 1 Written Exam Paper 1 – Tasks 1 & 2
Session 2
 Paper 1 Task 3

Sunday November 15  18:00 p.m. GMT+2

Session 3  Module 1 Paper 1 Task 4
Session 4  
Module 1 Paper 1 Task 5

Saturday November 21 12:00 p.m. GMT+2

Session 5  Module 1 Paper 2 Task 1
Session 6  
Module 1 paper 2 tasks 2 & 3 

Sunday November 22  18:00 p.m. GMT+2

Session 7  Module 1 Paper 2 Task 2 
Session 8  
Module 1 Paper 2 Tasks 2 & 3  

Where sessions will be held

All sessions will be online in our online virtual classroom which is in Adobe Connect Pro

Please note

This is a live sessions course where you can see, hear and speak to the tutor and other course participants 

See image below – an example of one of our current Delta online courses

To participate you MUST HAVE:

  • a fast internet connection
  • a headset and, if possible,
  • a webcam (this is not essential but will enhance communication with the tutor)
  • studied for the course content and have applied for the December 2015 exam or preparing for the June 2016; people who join the course out of curiosity and without having done any background reading already should NOT apply.
Our Online Classroom in Adobe Connect Pro

Our Online Classroom in Adobe Connect Pro

Participants will be able to download all handouts or presentation materials used in their virtual classroom, including sample past exam papers and examiner reports 

Two mock examination papers will be sent to all participants to use for timed practice before the exam.

For a small additional fee you can receive detailed feedback on ONE of these two mock exams if you submit by the 25th of November and no later.

How to Pay

Tuition fees must be prepaid – tuition for the course is 130 euros 

For an additional 30 euros, you can have feedback on one Mock exam paper. Please choose the appropriate payment option on the page linked below.  We accept payments via PayPal where you can use your debit or credit card for payment.

Places will be on a first come first served basis.

Module 1 Online Course payment page

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