Introduction to ELT Management

Are you an ELT Manager?

Are you thinking of improving your Language Teaching Operation, introducing an innovation or simply, looking for ways to run your school more efficiently? 

Cambridge has just announced the inclusion of this new specialism for the Cambridge DELTA Module 3 Assignment.

As many of our candidates are Directors of Studies – some even running their own Foreign Language Centre – this specialsim seems ideal as a Module 3 Project to complete the Cambridge DELTA Diploma work, or as a stand alone programme for ELT professionals interested in doing some failry focused research within their own language centre which will help them develop as ELT Managers.


From the Cambridge ESOL Handbook 

Module Three (ELTM) is an alternative to the standard Module Three within the Delta course.

It specifically aims to develop candidates’ knowledge of, and competence in:

  •  a chosen ELT management specialism
  • methods of situation analysis
  • design of change proposals
  • implementation of change proposals

To achieve these aims, candidates need to:

  • research a chosen ELT Management specialism
  • understand and use appropriate methods of situation analysis for the chosen specialism in a specified language teaching operation (LTO)
  • design a change proposal to overcome issues identified in the analysis
  • design an implementation plan for their change proposal
  • synthesise all their learning into a project which can be coherently presented to a third party.

The full syllabus can be downloaded at

Module Three (ELTM) is assessed via an extended written assignment.

Candidates must select one of the following specialisms:

  •  academic management
  •  human resource management (HRM)
  •  customer service
  • marketing

Candidates who select to do ELTM as their specialism for the Delta Module Three need to have access to a language teaching operation (LTO) e.g. a language school or institution. They also need to consider how they will have access to the data/information they will need in order to proceed with their proposal. For instance, if they are dealing with ‘Customer Service Management’, they will probably need to have access to customer feedback data, material which may be regarded as commercially sensitive. Candidates may wish to anonymise the name of the selected language teaching operation in order to preserve confidentiality.

Important Announcement

This project will be supported by an ELT Management Specialist, Mr. Andy Hockley, who will be collaborating with CELT Athens in order to support CELT Cambridge DELTA Candidates who wish to take up this specialism, or simply, ELT managers who want to refine their ELT management skills by taking up a  project in which they will be using their own institution for their research and project report.


Andy Hockley is a consultant and trainer with considerable experience of implementing, managing, and consulting on large and small-scale educational projects in a number of different contexts, especially in the area of language teaching.

He has lived and worked (as teacher, trainer, and manager) in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North America. He has a Master’s degree in International and Intercultural Management as well as extensive experience of language teaching and training language teachers. His particular interest is in the management of language schools and in the management of educational projects.

Andy Hockly is  co-author of “From Teacher to Manager: Managing a Language Teaching Organization” (CUP, 2008) and author of “Educational Management” (Polirom, Romania 2007). He regularly makes presentations and runs workshops at international teacher conferences.

He is currently based in Romania, and among other things, is a trainer on Cambridge ESOL’s International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (a blended learning course for managers which he was instrumental in developing). Andy speaks Spanish, and has a working knowledge of Portuguese, French, and Hungarian.

His Blog “From Teacher to Manager” can be seen here:



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