Going to Conferences, Connecting with Fellow Teachers – #TESOL France

My online life has become a source of continuous Professional Development and constant contact with my Personal Learning Network (PLN), which includes inspired and inspiring educators from all over the world.

I talk to them on Twitter and Facebook every day. We hold organised discussions on Twitter every Wednesday.

But meeting with them in person is a different kind of contact and going to a Conference has this extra value added to it. Making contact on a personal level, forming personal relatioships and networking with teachers from places as far and wide as Brazil, Italy, France, China, Japan, South Africa, the UK & US and so many more, is a fantastic experience!

How many conferences have you atttended in the last couple of years?

I know it’s expensive and sometimes difficult to find free days to attend, but if you can attend at least one conference every year, you will come back inspired and more motivated to continue with the hard task of teaching.

TESOL France

I attended this Conference only a week ago and my head is still buzzing with new ideas and new inspiration. I am also ver happy to have reconnected with many great teachers and to have met some who I only new from our online communications.

I don't know who took this photo of this great PLN but I just love it!

Here are some blog posts inspired by presentations at this recent conference.

The next set of posts has been written by Vicky Loras, a Greek Canadian teacher who lives in Switzerland- have you ever written a blog post after a conference? How do you consolidate and reflect on what you have seen in sessions and presentations?

The next two posts were written by Dale Coulter who presented a paper at TESOL France – Read this post and his previous one on Reflective Teaching Journals which is what he talked about. Do you ever worry about your own teaching but are not sure about what and how to do it? Dale’s posts include some great ideas.
Mike Harrison presented a workshop on how to use sounds and images and here is his blog post about it
And finally, last but not least, Brad Patterson wrote about his experience of attending such a great conference and connecting with his PLN in these two posts

Over the next two days, no doubt, more blog posts will appear. I am still working on mine which should also include the slides of my presentation

Meanwhile, please read this one too and watch all the videos at the end

I wrote this blog post myself for our #ELTchat Blog and I would like you to read it because it reinforces what I have been trying to say in this post.

Connect with us! 

We are here and willing to share!


Another great snapshot of my PLN at IATEFL Harrogate - from left, Esra Girkin, Amanda Wilson, Shelly Terrell, me, Petra Pointner, Ozge Karaoglu Ergen , Vicky Saumel - Turkey, UK, US, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Argentina.

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