My Nominations for Edublogs Awards 2010

<![CDATA[A hard choice since I follow so many great bloggers – but a choice had to be made and here are my nominations for the Edublog Awards 2010

  • Best individual blog Scott Thornbury’ Blog An A-Z of ELT for generating some of the richest and greatest discussions in the blogosphere and for changing the role of blogs into a shared exchange of ideas on teaching and learning.
  • Best individual tweeter I am going to nominate someone whose tweets I always look forward to and who always shares valuable resources, a great smile and her amazing voice when the opportunity arises! That person is Sue Lyon Jones or @esolcourses – on Twitter.
  • Best group blog This year, I would like to nominate Digital Play, a great blog written by Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer. I am not very good at most of the games they highlight, but I find their lesson plans and ideas absolutely fabulous!!! The pedagody behind them is very strong and, well, I think it’s just a great resource.
  • Best new blog Emma Herrod‘s new blog fits the bill of best new kid on the block for me.. It’s got a great look and great posts and an attitude all its own 🙂
  • Best resource sharing blog Robert Byrne’s Free Technology for Teachers is my choice this year – there is so much to learn from this blog I just don’t have enough hours in the day to go through it all
  • Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion #ELTchat
  • Best teacher blog A prolific blogger I admire very much; he is not afraid to have his say and he shares great ideas and free materials. That is Jason Renshaw and his English Raven Blog
  • Best educational tech support blog This one must go (as far as I am concerned) to Nik Peachey and his great blogs: I will choose his Learning Technology Blog
  • Best educational use of audio For this category I shall choose the great podcasts produced by Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab a great collection of lessons easy to use and divided by level – I suggest it to all my trainees
  • Best educational use of video / visual Teacher Training Videos created by Russell Stannard for all the great videos he shares and the free tutorials which make difficult tools look very easy
  • Best educational wiki maintained by members of BESIG and, notably, Carl Dowse. It’s a great resource for BE and not only!
  • Best educational podcast #ELTchat podcasts every week published on
  • Best educational webinar series The 3rd Virtual Round Table is the best collection of webinar series and it’s a great and joyous event shared by many educators – thanks to Heike Philps and all the co-roganizers.
  • Best educational use of a social network EFL Classroom 2.o must be one of the richest and friendliest to teachers nings for communicating and resource sharing – thanks to David Deublebeiss
  • Best educational use of a virtual world SLanguages 2010 is a great annual virtual conference in Second Life and this year it was carried off with great finesse and featured some excellent talks and experiences of learning languages in a Virtual World
  • Lifetime achievement David Crystal who blogs at DCBLOG and who always makes me think about language in a new way; his writings clarify and his thinking is always fresh and unbiased by academia, although I consider him one of the top scholars of our time.

Best of luck to all my nominees !]]>

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  1. Hi Marisa,

    Thank you so much for nominating Digital Play. We’re thrilled as we really think there’s so much you can do with digital games and languages. I’m sure your nomination will help lots more people get to know about our blog, so thanks for spreading the word!

    • Graham,

      The power of play for learning is so often underestimated. Your blog posts do a lot towards showing teachers who might just get their students to play the game to see how they can integrate other language skills and focuses; it’s a great blog and deserves to be noticed and praised.

      Thanks for all the great ideas I have learnt from your posts.

  2. Absolutely humbled by your nomination here, Marisa. Thank you from the bottom of this old raven’s most well-kept feathers!

    And the feelings about your own blog and teacher development work are mutual.

    Thanks again,

    – Jason

    • Jason,

      You are one bloggger I have learnt a lot from and I value your posts and the great discussions you have started.

      Thanks for sharing all you do and for making the concept of PLN’s so easy to illustrate to those who don’t understand it.

      • It was great to meet you at the London Language Show Sue, and I too appreciate your tweets. I am especially grateful for the time and effort you put into giving my friend advice about her career thoughts .. . it was so helpful (and totally selfless on your part)! Hope to see you again next LLS! (Have suggested to Jeremy that we repeat the show and tell session and advertise it strongly as joint TEFL + MFL…)

        And of-course Marisolde, I continue to value our online friendship .. but especially the SL one! (Have found some amazing new art places for you ..)

  3. Hi, Marisa!

    Will begin voting soon! Thanks for being an inspiration and introducing me to many of these wonderful bloggers. Still discovering and what a dicovery it is!

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