Business English

If you need to …. 

  • talk to other professionals in your field using special terminology;
  • read professional journals and books published only in Greek;
  • use the internet to gather information on a specific subject;
  • correspond with colleagues on professional subjects;
  • participate in a seminar or workshop;
  • negotiate a project, a contract, the purchase or sale of an item…

…then you need a tailor-made course to make the most of your learning opportunities in the shortest possible time.

These specialized courses are designed on the basis of the communicative needs of company executives and professional people within a contemporary working environment which places upon them a demand for using the language at a satisfactory or even at a very high level to communicate clients, suppliers or associates who do not speak their native language. The English & Modern Greek for Professionals programmes are similar to programmes implemented by top international training institutions around the world.

Special & Tailor-made courses for your Company or Organization

The CELT Athens teach has all the know-how needed to design the right course for you as an individual or for a group within a company or organization. Seminars are tailor made and range from 12 hours to 100 hours (for specific programmes)

Invite us to your company to assess the level of your staff and to identify and prioritize their needs; to discuss the type of language training they need.  CELT Athens can guarantee the quality and effectiveness of all aspects of the course: length, results, achievement of aims, as well as top quality trainers. We will:

  • analyze the language needs of your employees you wish to train to discover in what ways they need to use the foreign language
  • assess their current level in Greek through placement testing and personal interviews
  • specify the course objectives and course length so that they can reach their goal successfully and in the shortest possible time
  • design the course syllabus/programme
  • select or design appropriate teaching materials to achieve the objectives of the course
  • keep you informed through detailed progress reports and trainee profiles
  • supervise and evaluate the course delivery while in progress to ensure maximum success
  • assess the trainees’ language competence at the end of the course
  • supply you with a detailed end-of-course report

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CELT Athens trainers are amongst the best-trained in the profession, fully qualified with advanced methodology qualifications in Teaching Foreign Languages to Adults and invited by many other centres running general and special courses to train their teachers.

Here you can see some of the CELT Athens client schools where we have trained teachers.

Face to Face Courses

Depending on your eeds and available space, the course may be delivered at your own premises or at the CELT Athens seminar centre. Courses delivered at CELT are eligible for discounts offered here; these discounts are NOT available if we hold classes at your own premises.

Online Courses

Courses delivered in our online classroom are more economical of everyone’s time and space and also eligible for discounts mentioned on this page. The more hours you book, the less you pay.

For our online classes, we use the top online class space, Adobe Connect Pro, also ideal for business online meetings and collaborations. Please watch this video to review some of the features of our class.


To participate in the webinars, you will need a fast connection, a headset and a webcam

Seminars of Interest to Various Professionals

The short seminars described below are closed and are offered all year round as follows:

Group Mode – only for groups within a company or organisation; seminars can be held on company premises or at CELT.

1-2-1 Mode – for any individual at CELT or office/home. The number of hours for each programme listed below is usually reduced in one-to-one lessons, depending on individual’s initial level and other learner characteristics.

To participate in these seminars with the specified number of hours, entry level in English must be Intermediate or, in some cases, Upper Intermediate.

 Effective Presentations 

The Language of Presentations  50 hours 


For company executives or free lance professionals (lawyers, doctors, scientists, etc.) who need to participate in meetings, present their views,  report to superiors orally, or even present a paper or run a workshop in front of an Greek only speaking audience. A practical programme during which course members familiarize themselves with the language of presentations, develop their oral skills, and improve through hands on practice of creating their own presentations which are video-taped and analyzed for self-assessment and feedback from their trainer.Special training can be given to anyone interested in learning how to do a really good Pecha Kucha, a new and very popular type of presentation at conferences worldwide!

Minimum entry level: Intermediate               


Watch this funny video about how NOT to do a presentation! How many mistakes can you spot?                         


 Using the Internet for Research

  Reading & Searching the web  20 hours 


For any professional who needs to use the internet to access information, to read research, to understand how to perform searches, to find tools which will help them to understand and find their way around the world wide web. This is a course suitable for anyone in science, law, journalism as well as teachers of various languages.

Minimum entry level: Intermediate                             


 Terminology Courses

     Specialist terminology  20-50 hours  


For any professional who needs to learn the terminology of his/her field, to read research and professional publications; the course may focus on LAW, MEDICINE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, BUSINESS, FINANCE, EDUCATION, POLITICS, MATHEMATICS, and many other fields. The number of hours varies depending on entry level. 

Minimum entry level: Intermediate                           

Course offerings for the Business Professional

 English for Banking & Finance

    The Language of Money Transactions   50 hours 


A course designed on the basis of the real communication needs of bank employees and executives in the domain of banking and finance, as they have been recorded after extensive research and analysis of questionnaires given to thousands of bank employees engaged in a wide range of banking operations and procedures.  

Minimum entry level : Intermediate


 Negotiating & Dealing

 The Language of Negotiations      50 hours 


An excellent course for executives and professionals who need to negotiate terms in English with clients, suppliers or other professionals. Negotiations may also involve prices or other points before reaching an agreement, or explaining procedures, financial transactions across the gamut of products, services and types of transaction either by phone, in writing or in person.

Minimum Entry Level :  Upper-intermediate


 Sales & Marketing

The Language of Sales & Marketing  50 hours 


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