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Our Fully Online Module 1 course  

We are about to begin two sections and both of them are going to run one day a week on a Saturday afternoon from 13:00-16:30 GMT or 15:00- 18:30 local time in Athens!  This course is only 800 euros payable in 2-3 instalments and includes a great online Revision Course with Mock Tests. 
Upcoming Courses
October 31 2020 – March 17 2021
December 1 2020 – May 26 2021   Find out more about Module 1

Delta Module 2 – a Fully Onlinecourse   

Our module 2 only course will start in December and all the course content will be delivered online  Teaching assessments can be held  at our centre  at the candidate’s centre (live-streamed and recorded) in an onine class like Zoom (live)  Delta assessments can now be done in an online classroom and video or livestreaming are  allowed. Tuition for this course is now 1800 euros payable in 4-5 instalments. 

Upcoming Courses
December 4 2020 – May 26 2021   Learn more about our M2 course  


Delta ELT Management – a Module 3 Certificate course   

Are you a new or aspiring ELT manager or Director of Studies? This is the right course to change the course of your career. You can focus on  Adacemic Management Human Resources Management Customer Care Marketing  Tuition is 600 euros for external candidates

Upcoming Courses
November 4 — December 10
January 11 – March 07 2021   

Find out about the ELTM Module  3



Module 3 Support & Courses  

If you have completed your Modules 1 and 2, you may be looking for Module 3 support. We understake to support most specialisms in the following list – do please get in touch to discuss your M3 assignmemt focus! Option 1 (Extending Practice & ELT Specialism)  In this option you need to design a short syllabus for a class you are teaching  Option 2 (ELT Management) In this option you need to plan and describe an innovation in a language programme which you have access to.   
Tuition for M3 is 600 for external candidates.

Upcoming Courses
January 11 – March 07 2021   

More about Module 3 Support    

Our Integrated 3-modules Delta Fully Online PT courses   

Delivered live in synchronous sessions with audio & video. Module 2 assessments can be done online
Important Cambridge news
Teaching assessments can be held at the candidate’s centre and live-streamed to the tutor (remote assessment or in an online class such as Zoom. Candidates work on Modules 1 & 2 work and continue with Module 3 support. Tuition for our 3-module course is 2500 euros payable in 6-8 instalments

Upcoming courses
December 1 2020 – May 28 2021   More about the all modules Delta  

Train the Trainer   
Participants develop the knowledge and skills they need to train English language teachers working in primary and secondary schools. They learn how to run training sessions, observe teaching and give feedback. If you are hoping for a career as a trainer of teachers, this is a great first step. The course will be delivered fully online in part time mode and later in full time mode.  Tuition is 600 euros  Upcoming Courses 
January 11 – March 21 2021 PT
April 12 – 23  FT        Click here to find out more  

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