Survey on the use of Social Networks for Foreign Language Teachers

<![CDATA[Dear PLN,

Many of you are aware that since earlier this year,  I have been involved in an EU funded project – aPLaNet – whose aim is to help Foreign Language Teachers develop and maintain their own PLN in an autonomous way. Creating one’s PLN takes time, effort and commitment,  and those of you reading these lines have over and over again proved to me that you have  spent time and energy to build a PLN which, at least as far as I am concerned, has enhanced my training and my teaching.

PLN’s would not be worth their name if they were not also committed to sharing.

Please complete the survey I have embedded below in order to help us help teachers who are still not engaged in social networking for their professional development. Our aim is to identify suitable networks, teacher communities within these networks, and individual teachers who have the will and eagerness to share what they know to enable teachers who are currently not connected, create their own PLN  and keep up with their Professional Development autonomously, passionately and, in the end, benefit their foreign language learners

We would be indebted to you if you spread the word and brought this survey to the notice of your colleagues who have not yet created their own PLN on Facebook, Twitter or Nings as, the aim of this project is to help, mentor and guide them in their first hesitant steps which I am sure you have all experienced.

And do join our Ning either as a Mentor or a Piloting Teacher!

I chose the image of the glue, because Social Networking is what keeps us all connected with each other!

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    • Dear Ceri,

      I’ve checked and your answers have not gone through, I’m afraid. Could you please take the time to visit the Survey online here and complete it?

      Your feeback is much valued so I hope you will be able to find the time.


  1. Have already filled out the survey, and I encourage others to do the same as it’s a nice reflective activity. Just joined the Ning too. Thanks for supporting the PLN, Marisa !

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