Birthday Memories – Wallwishers are great!

<![CDATA[I loved my birthday wishes this year! Thanks to Shelly Terrell who was the instigator, my PLN gave me this wonderful memory of this special birthday.

I was so thrilled at your words, music, images and thoughts that I wanted to save them all here and come back and look at them all again and again. Thank you all so very much, my Twitter friends. You made me very very happy.

Thank you to my Facebook friends, too, whose wishes I could not show here but which I have also saved and will treasure as a bright, bright memory!

Thank you all!


Attn! Post continued below birthday wallwisher

And while you’re at it, of course, do have a look at this wonderful tool, the Wallwisher, which is so versatile and can be used for a class event, a class project apart from making someone’s birthday very special!

Here is another example of a Wallwisher I created after a talk to allow participants to access some of the tools I used.

And here is one more, which I would like you to visit and add ideas on how you could use wallwishers with your classes!

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  1. Hello Marisa!

    Thanks for sharing your feelings and the ways you’ve used that amazing tool: WallWisher!
    Marisa Pavan (@Mtranslator)

  2. Hi Marisa,

    Thanks for sharing these ideas for using Wallwisher. I’m going to look at it with some of the teachers at my college for a training session, so I’ll definitely direct them here for some inspiration =)

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


  3. Hi Marisa!
    Thank you for this great post.
    We are all glad you enjoyed your birthday wishes.(Thanks to Shelly, as you said!)
    Thank you for all your ideas on Wallwisher – this is a great tool I have discovered recenlty and I would like to use very soon myself – up to now, I have posted on others’ Wallwishers. Great things can be done with them!
    An idea I had, not exactly for the classroom, but stemming from your idea on posting on a Wallwisher after a talk, is this: Perhaps after someone gives a talk, they can create a Wallwisher where everyone who attended the talk can post what they found interesting, significant, impressive or something new that they learned, or even to point out something.
    Thank you very much for this, Marisa!
    Kindest regards,

  4. Hi Marisa,
    A short note to wish you all the best!Happy birhday!!!
    I used wallwisher once with a group of teens to conduct a survey and raise awareness. They used the tool to let me know what songs I should play in class as background music and which ones I should bring as practice. ¨They came up with wonderful ideas!
    A special hug from Brazil…

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