Though I may be on the other side of the world from you…

<![CDATA[Last night I was trying to think of a Christmas message for this blog to show my feelings to you all and to send you my wishes. Right as i was searching for a suitable picture and thinking about the right words, I received this e-card from a friend.


I was struck by the simplicity and power of the message because that is exactly how I feel myself about this friend and about you who are reading this because I have invited you to, and about you who are reading this and may also one day get to know me through a comment on my blog, through Twitter, by sharing information and interacting with me, on Facebook, by being my friend and staying in touch, by meeting in Second Life where I am beginning to be a “regular” with a network of educator friends who teach and train.


The friend who sent this to me is part of my PLN (Personal Learning Network) and you can read a lot about this on the web but this morning’s reading is going to beShelly Terrell’s beautiful poston the same topic; she expresses her feelings and my own so well.

As I write these lines, I am listening toa lecture delivered by Noam Chomskywhich was tweeted by@kipyellowjacket. Weird? Well, each to their own and to me that’s the most normal thing in the world….

I’m laughing at@carolrainbow‘s joke (Question “What are Santa’s helpers called?”…..Answer: “Subordinate Clauses”) …Yeah, yeah, I know this may not sound funny to the rest of the world, but to me and to my friends in English Language teaching and education it’s a fabulous pun! (Even my brother thinks I’m weird, so what else is new?)

I am looking at myFacebook pagewith its shower of hearts and Christmas trees and small notes from friends to show me they are connected with me and I think what a wonderful year this has been and how my life and my learning has been enriched  by all of you and of how much more I have to look forward to!

Have a Wonderful Christmas, a Fabulous 2010 and please stay connected!

Without all of you around, life would not be so much fun, learning would not be half as exciting and I do need you all!

Special thanks to all those who engaged me in the first place and it is now my turn to try and engage as many as I can.


My Christmas Stocking is up but I feel it’s already full so Santa and his Subordinate Clauses will really have a hard time squeezing in their (very expensive I hope) gifts to me!!!]]>

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  1. Ooooh quel petit bonheur de message ! merci Marisa, I feel very much connected too ! garde ton humour nonsensique et passe un merveilleux Noël !

  2. Dear Marisa,

    Your message is so touching! Simple and powerful, as you say! I love this feeling that all I need is an e-mail, or a blog post, or a tweet and I’m connected to friends all over the world!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Marisa, what a beautiful post!
    I am very new to blogging and PLNs, so when I started “looking around” the blogosphere, I found a wonderful lady called Marisa Constantinides! Her blog and her comments in other people’s blogs literally exhale her love of education, knowledge and above all – people!
    I like the way she takes the time to seriously look at other people’s blogs and answers not in a short, typical “yeah, ok, I just read your blog” kind of way; she answers with interest, with interesting opinions and ideas.
    I am very sorry not to have met her while I was living in Greece…but I hope to meet her very soon!
    Yep, that wonderful lady is you!
    Thank you so much for everything so far – our communication, our messages, your blog, your comments on my blog and on other people’s blogs!
    And my warmest congratulations on your nominations this year!
    I wish you the very very best and I hope 2010 is a fantastic, super, wonderful year for you!
    Hugs and my warmest wishes,

  4. You’ve been an inspiration to me before and you are again now. People like you are just so vital. Bravo Marisa.

  5. Marisa:

    As one who lives on the other side of the world I send you warm wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful new year and decade.

    If you have not read the book ‘Three Cups of Tea’, I recommend it strongly.

    One of these days I hope we are both online sometime and can get a game of literati in…who knows when.


  6. Woody!

    My best literati pal and most formidable opponent, you found my blog! Oh what joy! I know I haven’t played with you for a long time, mainly due to how easy it is to have a game in facebook that can go on for days.. What a shame scrabble organisation are not allowing this in your country!

    Thanks for the book suggestion – looks interesting and the whole movement worthy of support.

    Best wishes to you my special weatherman! Can you please arrange for some snow, not too nippy though, but for nice, soft, white flaky snow soon? So far you have been neglecting Athens!

    Best Wishes and Best of Years ahead Woody….


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