My Nominations for Edublogs Awards 2009


…And my nominations for the Edublog Awards 2009 are:

Best individual blog

Best individual tweeter

Best new blog

Best class blog

Christina Markoulaki (Maria Markaki Language School)

Best resource sharing blogs

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion


Best teacher blog

Best educational tech support blog

Best elearning / corporate education blog

Best educational use of audio

Best educational use of video / visual

Best educational wiki

Best educational use of a social networking service

Best educational use of a virtual world

  • Edunation

Lifetime achievement


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  1. I should thank you Gavin for letting me come to Slanguages 2009 – the rest is her story…

    That is not the reason I nominated your blog though nor why it’s in my top..well, two….:-)

    And educational change does not come about by being all sweetness and light.

  2. Just asking out of curiosity: Has any blog or wiki relating to teaching and learning foreign languages got into the top 20 in previous years? I know of some great blogs relating to teaching foreign languages in the UK but they seem to be read by quite a small group of people. Here are a few examples:


  3. Too late to say thank you, but I couldn’t help it! I don’t know how this post of yours had escaped my attention. So… thank you Marisa, I am deeply grateful!

    P.S. Another big thank you for reminding me to take part in the ‘Personal Learning Networks’ EU Project. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to squeeze it in my tight schedule!

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