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4-20bolw7“Life would be dull without creativity”, and “Creativity encourages risk taking”, Mr. Maley said in his talk at the launch of the most recent volume on creativity,Creativity in the English Language Classroom ,  a volume which he co-edited with Nik Peachy and for which he was an important inspiration.  

As one of the contributors in this volume, I had first hand experience of his skilful and meticulous editing and must confess to being an early follower of his work, very much inspired  by the ideas related to including literary text in the ELT classroom – I still use many of the ideas he shared in early workshops on using poetry and have published at least three books on class materials using literary text.

Alan Maley’s writings have inspired many teachers to be more creative over the years, not just me.  He has been a familiar and very important voice in ELT for a very long time and has always been a champion of allowing learners to escape the confines of the coursebook and letting their imagination run free.

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