Our Nominations for the Edublogs Awards 2012 – #eddies 2012

Here are our nominations for the Edublogs Awards 2012.

Best individual blog

Tony Gurr’s Blog All Things Learning – because he worries about his posts and I like the way he thinks about teaching and learning 

Best individual tweeter Shellt Terrell @ShellTerrell because she always tweets great content and is a great educator besides
Best group blog

www.eltchat.org  It’s a blog maintained by its moderators but the content is co-created through the conversations of dozens of twitter teachers which are then
written up into summaries by a wonderful collection of ELT bloggers!!

Best edtech / resource sharing blog

Nik Peachey’s Quick Shout Blog  because he makes edtech look so easy to use

Best twitter hashtag

#ELTchat because it connects hundreds of ELT teachers every week on Twitter and keeps contributing to their development in a free and autonomous way; because it has created a PLN which is supportive and shares knowledge in a connected world. 

Best New Blog

Carol Goodey’s New Blog because it’s the blog of a reflective teacher

Best teacher blog

Box of Chocolates
Cecilia Lemos’ blog; because she reflects so well on her teaching and uses
her blog to become an outstanding teacher.

Best free web tool

At the time of writing this post, I am finding great value in curation tools; my favourite this year is Pinterest. 

Best open PD / unconference / webinar series

BESIG online webinars  

Best educational use of a social network

The aPLaNet Project Ning  because it provides a meeting
point for teacher who mentor other teachers in the use of social networking tools for education. 

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  1. Guys,

    I totally “missed” this – I actually read the post a few days back but did not see your “first” nomination (I am getting old and if it is not in a “box” or “chart” I just don’t get it sometimes – I am a “man” and we ain’t very good at multi-tasking) 😉

    Thank you for the “nod” – and for hitting it right on the head about “worrying” (I think we all should do more of that – especially “me” and my eyesight)! 😉

    Take care!


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