My Blog in the Clouds

<![CDATA[A quick and fun mini blog challenge by David Dogson in his blog post here – I fed my blog URL to Wordle and Tagxedo and look which words they have gone for!

Here is my blog in the clouds!

made with

made with

I still can’t embed this Tagxedo properly to show the words animated! (See comment in previous post) In that post, you can see a Tagxedo os Shelly Terrell’s blog and one for Nik Peachey’s blog which I made for their birthday Wallwishers. Here is the URL of the Tagxed0 but shows minus photo 🙁

made with

made with

More educational technology, certainly, than what I would have written, say two years ago. A nice surprise. But good to know that content still rules.

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  1. Hi Marisa,

    Thanks for joining in! The prominence of ELTchat and Twitter comes as no surprise due to your own prominence in both. 🙂

    Interesting too that while most of the contributions so far have ‘students’ showing up large, your role as a teacher trainer leads to ‘teacher’ and ‘Teaching’ showing up more.

  2. Loved Tagxedo Marisa! And I echo Dave’s comment – interesting how you being a teacher trainer gave it a different twist from most clouds we can see in the challenge. 🙂

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