The SEETA Reading Course – A free online course – 27 February – 5 March, 2011

Since Sunday the 27th of February, I have been ‘teaching’ this online course focusing on reading skills development on the SEETA Moodle platform.

I was extremely happy to have been asked to run this course for SEETA (South Eastern Europe Teachers’ Associations) as this is the first time I am running an asynchronous course on a Moodle platform – I was very excited to be given the opportunity to experiment with my training materials and ideas in an environment which forces the ‘tutor’ to present and interact with course participants in a completely different way.

So far, on day 4 of the course, I have not been disappointed.

The course is entirely free and you can still join and be an active participant or a reader – you can follow the readings and the discussions and reflections of the course participants as well as look at the lesson and activity materials they have been uploading.

See you online!

P.S. The course will remain open for viewing for quite a long time after it has ended, so even if you read this post after March 5th, you will still be able to enroll and read!

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