Train the Trainer Course

Become a teacher trainer and pass on your expertise 

  • Are you an experienced teacher of English?
  • Have you already followed at least a CELTA
  • Have you obtained a Delta or done some post graduate work?
  • Do you have excellent classroom teaching skills?
  • Is your level of English at a sufficiently high level?

Train the Trainer is a course for experienced teachers.

Participants develop the knowledge and skills they need to train English language teachers working in primary and secondary schools. They learn how to run training sessions, observe teaching and give feedback.

Teachers who successfully complete the Train the Trainer course are qualified to train teachers on a variety of introduction courses  for early career teachers or to support teachers at their institution by designing training sessions responsive to their needs. 

With Train the Trainer, teachers show that they have:

  •  developed skills for designing and delivering teacher training sessions and courses
  •  deepened their understanding of key issues in planning and delivering training courses
  •  developed an understanding of good practice in observing and giving feedback to course participants
  •  identified strategies for their further development as a trainer.

Are you eligible to attend? 

For experienced teachers who have at least a CELTA or a DELTA, and some years of follow-up teaching experience as well as evidence of commitment to professional development.

Ideally, candidates should have

  • at least 5 years of teaching experience (post teacher training)
  • a graduate degree in English, Linguistics or related field
  • a Cambridge Delta or equivalent level 7 qualification
  • a level of English high enough to be able to train teachers and be a fluent and accurate language model
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • experience in teaching and managing groups of adult learners

Course offerings 

The course is offered intensively, over 5 or 6 days,  or part-time,  over 5 or more weeks.
Some of our courses are held in Athens and some online in a live/interactive classroom where input is delivered synchronously and all participants have video and audio available to them.

During he course, we will offer our trainee trainers the opportunity to deliver some live sessions. The course requires the design of training material but we also include practice training sessions.

Important Note  

CELT is happy to organise extra courses, especially in the winter term, for groups of teachers from the same institution or teaching association. 

What’s so special about the CELT course?  

A special feature of our course is the opportunity we offer our trainees to experience Training Practice – with real trainee teachers, not just their peers.  

How to Apply

You can download and return the attached application by clicking here



  1. Is there an exam at the end?
    No final exam is given. The course assessment is on a continuous basis and is handled through practical hands-on tasks during the course.
  2. Who awards the Certification?
    CELT Athens awards a Certificate of Attainment upon completion of designing and delivering one full teacher training session and submitting an outline for a short 25-hour teacher training course. 
  3. Does this course qualify participant to become a CELTA tutor?
    Although this course does not qualify its participants to become CELTA trainers for which there is a lengthier and more complex induction programme, it can be one of the first steps towards this goal. CELTA tutors are expected to have considerable experience as trainers, so this course is a great stepping stone to that end. 
  4. Is it possible to join the course if you don’t have a CELTA or Delta? 
    It is possible, but only if you have a solid theoretical background in teaching methodology through your BA and/or MA studies which must be relevant and have followed an equivalent practical teaching course of a minimum of 120 hours which involved being observed by tutors and a lot of peer observing of tutors and fellow trainees.
  5. Where can learn more about becoming CELTA tutors
    You can find out more about how to qualify as a CELTA tutor by reading this blogpost. 

If you do not have any of these qualifications, why not start a proper career path by applying to do one of these courses? 

all modules online  DATES & TUITION  CAMBRIDGE DELTA special offers MODULE 1   MODULE 2  


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