Special Offers

This is a page where you will find special offers for a variety of courses at different times of the year. 

  1. The Teaching Languages Online Course continues to be free for all our Trainees and is very low priced for teachers who need a short and practical introduction to teaching online before they embark on a CELTA or Delta course. 

  2. A Special discount to our Teaching English to Young Learners Extension Course starting on October 4 and lasting 10 weeks online (with one meeting per week) 

Get your CELTA in 6 weeks this November

Without leaving home and without the long hours in Zoom every day of the week! 

Training on a screen near you has never been so accessible!!! 

A special discount is offered for this semi-intensive course:
1200 euros (you save 150 off tuition) 

Online learning has taken over our lives and in the past year, we have trained dozens of teachers experienced and new from around the world!! Our courses have run as part time options, mainly because we believe that intensive courses where you are attending classes from nine to five are stressful, counterproductive and can cause serious problems with one’s attention and ability to concentrate. Many centres that ran such 4-week intensive courses reported problems and, eventually, Cambridge caught on and asked centres not to run such courses.

For this reason, we created a semi-intensive course for the summer, a 5 week course which you can attend more comfortably and which does not require you to be in an online classroom all day every day! It is a  5 week full time course but without the interminable hours in a Zoom classroom which can truly damage one’s ability to assimilate content.

How the Course works 


1. Synchronous – live meetings on Zoom only on two days a week  

During these six weeks you will need to be available for line online meetings on Zoom on two days a week
– Attend live input or tutorials
– Teach one class of adults ( 4 lessons with a lower level class and 4 with a higher level class)
– Observe others teach
– Give and receive feedback and suggestions by peers and tutor
– Participant in Lesson planning workshops for your next lesson

Tutor teaching our Adult learners from all over the world – trainees observe and teach the same class online!

For our upcoming course the days will be Mondays and Thursdays from 16:00-21:00 (Athens time) 14:00-19:00 UK time) or 09::00-14:00 (Athens time) 07:00-12:00 (UK time) 

2. Asynchronous study on the Cambridge Platform

The rest of the week is flexible regarding when you study as you will be working with the materials on the Cambridge platform – write your lesson plans and teaching materials and four 1000 word assignments on matters relating to content you covered on the course.

On average, you will be required to complete 6 units a week on the Cambridge platform.

In other words, you can study any time of day or night you have available!!!! 

This is a great opportunity to complete this course over the summer without having to travel, quarantine, pay for accommodation and subsistence costs and have the same great results!  


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