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Our last online course of 2020 – feeling positive and hopeful on the last day of their course!


Bill Andriopoulos  13/04/15 CELTA

Overall, my personal experience concerning the Celta course can be described only as unique. I consider myself as one of the luckiest to be accepted and have the chance to work close to my tutors. It was the vast development of my skills, the new perspectives I was exposed to and the respectful guidance I was offered that made me realise I had reached a turning point in my career. Everything was brilliant and solid; the sessions, the actual knowledge offered and the evaluation procedures, all characterised by professionalism, accuracy and justification. I could go on forever, but I don’t think there are words to describe these feelings and emotions. I would definitely recommend Celt Athens to anyone willing to go after this certificate, as to see first-hand the tremendous work being done. Thank you Mrs.Constantinides, Mr.Makarios and Mrs.Koukoumialou for everything you have taught me!- Vasileios Andriopoulos, August 2014 Course

Kate Varelas 09/04/15 CELTA

Excellent! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience overall!! Celt Athens was and is the best centre to take any course offered.

Ahmed Wagih 09/04/15 CELTA

It was unforgettable experience; whereas you have done your best to help your learners in a professional way. I already recommend Celt Athens to all my colleges who are willing to do the CELTA.

Cath Ferguson  09/04/15 CELTA

Excellent course, run by enthusiastic and supportive tutors. The CELTA class size was just right and the student groups we taught were also lovely. I’d recommend both the course, and Athens as a place to study.

Wael Ahmed Maher Mohammed Moawad  01/08/15 CELTA

I really learnt a lot of things in teaching English language methods. I also through this intensive course improved my teaching skills the thing that increased my experience and will help me in my career in the future.

Evangelia Vraka  10/05/15 CELTA

Excellent experience!




Marta Vesselinova 10/05/15 CELTA

My experience on the CELTA course has definitely been eye-opening. To say that I learned a lot would be an understatement. I am extremely grateful to my tutors, Alexandra and Alexander, my fellow trainee teachers, and everyone else involved in the process. Thank you all for your patience, guidance, feedback, and motivation!


Theodoros Lalos

All in all, I had a wonderful and highly educational time at CELT Athens while taking my CELTA course. All of the tutors showed a high command of their subject matter and delivered all the sessions professionally. I highly commend CELT Athens as a teacher training centre. Tutors there practice what they preach!


Mohamed Fathallah

The course was demanding; yet, lots of constant help and fulfilling support was provided by such wonderful CELT trainers. This course has been a better bang for my buck.


Wanda Pierri

Tough but really worthwhile!


Pandora Spring 20/04/15


Definitely worth all the blood, sweat and tears! A great course in a great city, I have not regretted my decision to take the CELTA at CELTAthens once.



Olga Liakaki  16/04/15 CELTA

I completed the CELTA programme through CELT Athens in my beloved city of Athens and I must say, the experience was nothing short of life-changing! Even though the full-time CELTA course is a very stressful and exhausting experience, I’m really glad I finally took it. By doing the CELTA you’re testing whether you’re really capable of being a good, confident and creative teacher. Not only do you learn the theory behind teaching, but you also have the experience of actually teaching real life students. Much of the credit for this has to go to our trainers, Alexander, Alexandra and Marisa. They shared their knowledge and expertise with us throughout the course, supporting and inspiring us. I’m grateful for their guidance and inspiration! Being also able to lean on the shoulders of my fellow trainees really helped me get through the program – I may never meet some of them again, but for that one month they became my close friends and family. All in all, I was very satisfied by the content of my CELTA course and -although being a newbie in the field – I really think that it helped me become a better teacher. In fact, I landed a very good teaching position in Milan, within a couple of months after finishing the course: I am currently teaching various classes and my students vary in age from 5 to 30 years old! It’s the first time I enjoy my job so much! CELTA course? Thoroughly recommended! 🙂


Vasiliki Mantzaris

It was a wonderful experience for me. I feel that it has really helped me grow as a teacher and made me want to continue growing and becoming better.

Angelos Bollas

The CELTA course at CELT Athens has been the best experience of my professional and personal life so far. What made it that special? Well, the tutors and the support they gave me. I cannot even understand how they managed to be always calm, smiling, and helpful. It is only when one goes through a CELTA course that they understand the importance of the CELTA tutors. Thank you all so much for everything. (P.S. The school is located in Athens city centre, next to central train, metro, and bus stations, as well as next to some of the best – and cheapest – restaurants of the city. Nothing beats a good meal after a Teaching Practice.) I recommend it wholeheartedly.


Michelle Politis

This course is really tough but it really prepares you with a good foundation to start teaching. I’m currently preparing to give my professional exams for my teaching license in the United States and the knowledge from this course is helping me in this area too. Well worth the money and your temporary stress!

Emad Hosni

It was such a great experience. The tutors were very dedicated, professional and helpful. Fellow trainees were very friendly and enthusiastic.

Mahmoud Ahmed

I would like to thank every single person I met at CELT Athens. It’s been an experience. Subjected to different teaching styles and techniques, I consider CELT Athens as the best place to do the celta course.

Mamdouh Fares Kiwan

I always feel pleased when I remember these days when I was with you all tutors and administration there in Athens which is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities on earth. Therefore I would like to thank you all for your support, gentility and good behavior with all of the trainees. Thanks for everyone in CELTATHENS institute with my best wishes and regards.

Delta Evaluations 

Fiona Orel
DELTA Online


Mia Makrogiannis
Online Delta

I really enjoyed the Delta online blended course at CELT Athens. I received excellent feedback from my tutors Marisa and George throughout the course and was thoroughly prepared for all Modules. This course has really improved both my knowledge of teaching theories and my personal teaching practice. I can easily say that I have improved immensely. Thank you CELT!

Tarween Wallia
Delta Module 2



Delta Course

Throughout my career in ELT I have always appreciated the valuable early training I received at CELT and all the cutting edge seminars by  Marisa ConstantinidesI attended through the years on various occasions. Greatly recommended teacher training centre for passionate, dedicated professionals!