CELT Athens Tuition fees and dates at a glance!

Check tuition fees and dates for each course. A list of Cambridge assessment fees down below. 

CELTA fully online courses


CELTA in Athens

The gold standard teaching qualification. Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message Description automatically generatedThe online course gives you the opportunity to develop your teaching skills for teaching both online and offline by following a recognised Cambridge Distance learning platform. In these last two years, we have run more than , we have We provide the adult students for your Teaching Practices during the course.  Click here for more please


Our popular face-to-face course restarts. A picture containing graphical user interface Description automatically generatedBook your place on our first in person course after two long years during which we had to cancel such courses due to the pandemic. The dates below are provisional and, of course, depend on our country’s progress, travel restrictions and policies and the safety of our trainees and students.  For part time courses, it is possible to have a blended option (content online, teaching assessments in Athens). Read more here
  • – January 10 – March 19 2022 (10 weeks – part time)
  • – March 21 – May 27 2022 (10 weeks part-time)
  • – April 18 – May 28 2022 (6 weeks – online – semi-intensive)
  • – June 4 – July 16 2022 (6 weeks – online – semi-intensive)


  • – January 10 – May 27 2022 (15 weeks – in Athens – part time)
  • – June 6 – July 1 2022 (4 weeks – in Athens – superintensive)*


 Tuition €1350                           *On Special Offer


Tuition €1350                            *On Special Offer







DELTA All Modules PT fully online courses


DELTA Module 1 

An integrated course covering input and support for Modules 1, 2 & 3 into one seamless whole. It can be completed in one academic or one calendar year. We provide the adult students for you Teaching Practices during the course.  More on this course option hereA group of people in a classroom Description automatically generated with medium confidence


Understanding Language, Methodology & Resources for Teaching. Assessed via written examination offered twice annually in June & December. To find out more about our courses please click here.A picture containing text, compact disk, screenshot Description automatically generated

  • – January 10 – June 14 2022
  • – June 06 – December 02 2022


  • – January 10 – June 14 2022
  • – June 06 – December 02 2022

Tuition €2500


Tuition €800




Cambridge DELTA Module 2


Cambridge Delta Module 3 – Option 1

To complete Module 2, attendance of a course is obligatory. You can attend this course face-to-face, blended, and until the end of 2021, you can be assessed teachinGraphical user interface Description automatically generated with low confidenceg fully online due to the pandemic. We provide the adult students for your Teaching Practices during the course.  To read more, please click here. 


Option 1: Extending Practice and ELT Specialism Assessed via an extended assignment on one of the many ELT specialisms listed here.  To follow this option, you need to have a class available for your research or you can use our own adult learnersA picture containing text, compact disk Description automatically generated

  • – January 10 – June 14 2022
  • – June 06 – December 02 2022


  • – March 1 – May 30 2022 (June Submission)
  • – September 1 (December 2022 submissions)

Tuition €1800


Tuition €600




DELTA Module 3 – Option 2


Cambridge Train the Trainer Course

Management Skills are indispensable in language teaching and learning and vital for the academic and commercial success of a language centre.Graphical user interface, application, website Description automatically generatedAssessed via an extended assignment on one of the following specialisms listed below:

Academic Management – Human Resources Management (HRM) – Customer Service – Marketing  –  Read more here


Become a teacher trainer and pass on your expertiseAre you an experienced teacher of English?  Every teacher has the potential to train other teachers – but training teaching requires specialist knowledge and skills.