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This is a highly suitable course for those teachers who have already completed their basic training and wish to specialize in teaching young learners between the ages of 5-11. The course also accepts teachers without prior training who would like to to use this courseas a short introduction to TEYL.

Follow the course as an independent candidate or as part of your Delta Diploma*

What you will learn on this course:

The  programme covers all the basic areas of methodology with a sharp focus on the young learner. Teachers will learn a variety of techniques for the following areas:

  • How to introduce and practise new vocabulary
  • How to teach young learners patterns of language
  • How to use stories, dialogues and games to improve their language skills
  • How to introduce children to reading and writing
  • How to plan effective and motivating lessons
  • How to develop your pupils’ oral skills
  • How to use theatre & drama to animate your coursebook
  • How to use class readers and big books
  • How to organise arts and crafts work and projects for display
  • How to manage young classes and maintain good discipline
  • How to use audio visual aids effectively in your teaching
  • How to integrate educational technology in your lessons
  • Digital literacies and E-safety

You will also have the opportunity to observe young classes on videos such as the one above, analyse the lessons and learn to improve your own teaching skills.

Video of Marisa Constantinides using a Jazz Chant with a class of children in their first year of English

As a course participant, you will also have the opportunity to choose additional topics from a list which will, in part, create a course that will fit your needs.

Assessment & Certification

Trainees are assessed through a Practical Teaching Assignment. This involves writing a lesson plan for a young class or a theme-based materials design project.

Trainees who attend the course fully and complete their assignment receive a Certificate of Attainment.

To Register 

Please complete and return the application form by clicking here:  Application Form TEYL.

Tuition Fees

Tuition for the 8 week online course is 400 euros.  For more information please email info@celt.edu.gr


Course participant review


For Delta Module 3 Candidates

DELTA candidates for Module 3 who wish to follow this  Specialism and work with young or very young learners can follow this course to enrich their knowledge, understanding of the needs and abilities of children of specific age groups as well as familiarise themselves with a wide range of classroom practices. At the end of this course, participants will be supported in writing their assignment; successful candidates will be awarded aDELTA Module 3 Certificate.

If you are eligible to attend a  Cambridge  DELTA Course  you may wish to take this option; your assignment will involve producing a short syllabus for a class of young learners. Successful completion of this and submission of a Course Plan will also give you a Cambridge Module 3 .Certificate which is part of the overall Cambridge DELTA Diploma.

No special equipment is necessary to follow the course on Moodle and candidates do not need to download any programmes.  They are required to participate in any webinars their tutor organises and for this a fast internet connection and a headset are needed – a webcam is not obligatory but enhances contact amongst participants and course tutor.

Trainees who take this course option have to cover additional modules on Course and Syllabus Design, Testing and Evaluation as well as a unit on writing this academic assignment. They will also be given extra tutorial support and feedback on drafts of their Module 3 assignment.

Candidates for this specialism will be given access to the CELT Athens DELTA wiki where they will be able to find some related reading  but they should also be prepared to purchase some books themselves, especially if they do not have access to the CELT Athens library.

Once you have applied and  paid for your tuition fees, you will be registered and given a course key to enter the Moodle course website and follow your course using your user name and password.

 Tuition for the Delta Module 3 course option is 600 euros plus 100 euros in Cambridge assessment fees. 

For more information – points of contact

Centre for English Language & Training, 3, G.Gennadiou Street, 106 78 Athens, Greece

Tel +30 210 3302406 | +30 210 3301455 | Fax +30 210 3301202|  E-mail:  info@celt.edu.gr

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