One-to-one courses

Group courses are not the answer to everyone’s needs. If group lessons cannot fully respond to your needs or the demands of your schedule, a one-to-one course may be the most efficient and economical solution in the long run.

Some Case Studies

  • You  already live in Greece and have quite a lot of vocabulary and expressions which you can use for your day-to-day communication, but your reading and writing skills may be poor.
  • You learnt Greek as a mother tongue (through your parents) but your schooling was in English or another Language; you have little or no reading and writing abilities.
  • You are a business person operating from Greece and need to be able to use language typical in business situations, meetings and negotiations
  • You are a diplomat and although you may be a beginner, you need to learn a variety of Modern Greek which is suitable for use in formal situations
  • You are going to be in Greece for a short stay and would like to make the most of your one or two weeks in order to begin or improve your Greek

Range of Programmes available

One-to one programmes can be arranged for general purpose Greek or for Special Courses (e.g. Business Greek or  Ancient Greek).  Hourly rates start at 30 EURO for general Modern Greek courses (levels A-B). These courses can be arranged throughout the year even at your own office or company premises. Tuition for these courses can be viewedhere.

The topic areas mentioned above are just an indication of what the types of courses that we can undertake to design and teach. Specially designed courses entirely tailored to your job or interest needs, e.g. music terminology or legal terminology, are possible. And, of course, being a teacher education centre, we are very interested in helping  teachers of Modern Greek whose native language is other than Greek, to improve their level to that required of a professional teacher.


Tuition fees above refer to  classes  which can be organised part-time or full-time if you plan to visit Greece for one or two weeks and take the opportunity to begin or improve your Greek.

Please let us know how many units (hours) you wish to follow and we shall send you an offer.

Lesson length: 50 minutes
Minimum Age: We offer lessons to adults but also to children.

Fees include:

  • Coursebook or CELT prepared course materials  folder
  • Museum visit
  • Internet access
  • Self Access Work with CD ROM, Greek films, internet
  • Registration


  • One, two or three day excursions with meals included (from €150)
  • Greek music lessons (€50 per hour)
  • Greek dance lessons (€30 per hour)
  • Greek cookery lessons (€60 per lesson)
  • Athens sightseeing tour (€60-100)
  • Airport transfer by taxi (€60 each way)

For further information, please write to

N.B. An administrative fee of 100 Euros applies to overseas students requiring help with accommodation or obtaining a visa (non-EU residents).

One-to-one General & Special Courses  Tuition fees in EURO.



  • To check our tuition fees in any currency you  wish, please go to: Personal Currency Assistant 
  • Hourly rates are lower if you purchase more hours, e.g. for 10 hours, the hourly rate is 30 Euro per hour, for 50 hours, it is much less
  • Hourly rate discount packages as indicated above, are valid only if the lessons/tutoring is done at CELT. If a student wishes for one-to-one tutoring in their office or home, the hourly rates are higher depending on the area and the focus of the course.




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