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CELT was established in 1993, primarily as a teacher education centre offering quality training programmes for foreign language teachers of English, Modern Greek and other Modern Languages. As such, our interest in teaching foreign languages, especially the Greek language and Greek culture, became important goals from the outset. Click here if you wish to read our mission statement and equal opportunities policy.Situated in the heart of Athens, in the very centre of the capital of Greece, an excellent place to start or develop your Modern Greek  as well as experience living in an exciting European city with so much to do in its present and see of its past.  

Learning Modern Greek in Greece

Learning any language in the country in which it is used, takes the countless opportunities for contact and exposure into account. Learning Greek in Greece can help learners with their immediate communicative needs where they can immediately try out what they have been learning in the classroom and have the opportunity to “tune into” the sounds of the Greek language in real life situations.

Learning a language in the country where it is spoken is ideal, but if you cannot do that, why not take advantage of what technology has to offer now and book some online classes!

You can book for a general purpose course, or for any other professional purpose, We have experience of teaching

  • business people
  • people in finance
  • diplomats and high ranking officials
  • doctors

…. and more!

Our team is highly experienced with all types of programmes and can tailor a course suited exactly to your needs and work/life schedule!

Our Principles & Methodology

Our main inspiration which drives the way materials are designed and programmes taught, is, first and foremost, belief in the principles of andragogy (as opposed to pedagogy), i.e., the educat ional philosophy governing the teaching of adults, whether in a group situation or in a one-to-one context.According to this, we try to keep our adult learners involved in all the stages of the process, free to learn without being afraid to make mistakes, engaged through relevant content and discovery learning

Our approach  satisfies immediate communicative needs
Language is best learnt through interaction and not through rule memorisation
Authentic materials are used extensively
Our syllabus is flexible allowing individuals to develop in areas of individual interest and/or concern
We train our students how to learn on their own, so they can keep learning and improving language skills even after the end of the programme
The materials and activities are motivating and  reflect adult reality
Oral fluency is one of the major objectives. Activities which promote oral fluency are used from day one!
Learning about the Greek culture and the Greek way of life is a major objective

Stale grammar teaching, or rote learning are far from the best course of action, particularly for the adult learner who has no time to wait and needs quick results. 

Our Tutors

All our tutors are fully qualified, have specialised in adult foreign language education and have wide and varied experience of teaching Greek and English as a Foreign Language.

CELT Athens is a Teacher Education centre specialising in the training of teachers of adults, so the members of the tutorial team are always abreast of the latest developments in Methods and Techniques appropriate to tutoring and supporting adult groups or individuals.  

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