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Stale grammar teaching, or rote learning are far from the best course of action, particularly for the adult learner who has no time to wait and needs quick results.

At CELT or Online! Levels A-B1

Our adult courses can be offered at CELT, fully on line, or blended with some meetings face-to-face at CELT and some online. Choose the option that suits you best! Call one of our consultants for further information and help.

Tuition fees on this page are in euros – please use this currency converter to check them in your OWN currency.

Α. Part Time Courses  – Online or onsite 

Teaching hours: 6 hours per week – courses last 12 weeks
Start dates:  October to Christmas & February to April
Tuition Fees: 250 euros

Β. 4-week Courses – Online or onsite 

Course Duration   4 weeks
Start Dates:    June, July, August, September – one course per calendar month – please contact us for details
Teaching hours:  20 per week. Times:    09:00 – 13:00   or 16:00 – 20:00
Tuition Fees:  300 euros

C. 2-week Courses – Online or onsite 

Course Duration   2 weeks
Start Dates: June, July, August, September – two courses per calendar month – please contact us for details
Teaching hours:  20 per week. Times:    09:00 – 13:00   or 16:00 – 20:00
Tuition Fees: 180 euros

Exam Classes Levels B2-C2

We prepare students for Cambridge, IELTS, Michigan and all other examinations (e.g. LRN).  New courses start in January and December but we are also 

Tuition Fees  

Your Level ……. Your Target Level…. Tuition Fees
B1                            B2                    350 euros
  B2                            C1                    400 euros
  C1                            C2                    500 euros

SPECIAL OFFER – Exam Plus Preparation

By paying a fee of 200 euros per unit only, you can be taught the strategies for success in examinations through:

  • Individual tutorials for listening, speaking and writing skills.
  • Practice Tests either on-line from your home or at CELT

Each unit of exam preparation includes:

  • 3 hours of individual tutorials
  • work on 4 Practice Tests
  • one mock Test

You can sign up for as many units as you need before an examination.

Tuition fees quoted refer to group courses with a minimum of 6 students. If a group course is not available or you would like us to create a special syllabus catering to your needs, please check our one-to-one tailored tuition below and buy a short or longer package.

 English 1-2-1

 Tuition for One-to-one General & Special Courses (in euros)


 Course Focus

10 hours 20 hours 30 hours 40 hours 50 hours
.1.. General English Levels A1 – B2 including Exam preparation for FCE 300 560 780 1040 1300


General English– Levels C1 – C2 including Exam Preparation for CAE, CPE, IELTS or other examination 400 760 1110 1480 1750


Business English – focus on business, finance, marketing including Exam preparation for CBit or other Business Language Examination 400 760 1110 1480 1750


Law, science & technology, specialist fields 500 920 1350 1800 2250


Academic English Study Skills including English for teachers  500 920 1350 1800 2250


Tuition fees on this page are in euros – please use this currency converter to check them in your currency.


examThe levels described below (A-C2) refer to the specifications of the Common European Framework. To determine your level, if not a beginner, please call to make arrangements for a placement test. Placement testing is free of charge.  

LEVELS offered


 CAN express simple opinions or requirements in a familiar context. CAN understand basic instructions or take part in a basic factual  conversation on a predictable topic.

CAN understand straightforward information within a known area, such as on products and signs and simple textbooks or reports on familiar matters.  CAN understand basic notices, instructions or information.

CAN complete forms and write short simple letters or postcards related to personal information. CAN complete basic forms, and write notes including times, dates and places.

A2 Key        

CAN express opinions on abstract/cultural matters in a limited way or offer advice within a known area, and understand instructions or public announcements.

CAN understand routine information and articles, and the general meaning of non-routine information within a familiar area.

CAN write letters or make notes on familiar or predictable matters.

B1 Preliminary        

CAN follow or give a talk on a familiar topic or keep up a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics.

CAN scan texts for relevant information, and understand detailed instructions or advice.

CAN make notes while someone is talking or write a letter including non-standard requests.

B2 First

500 (PAPER) 173 (COMPUTER)


CAN contribute effectively to meetings and seminars within own area of work or keep up a casual conversation with a good degree of fluency, coping with abstract expressions.

CAN read quickly enough to cope with an academic course, to read the media for information or to understand non-standard correspondence.

CAN prepare/draft professional correspondence, take reasonably accurate notes in meetings or write an essay which shows an ability to communicate.

C1 Advanced

  6 550 – 213  

CAN advise on or talk about complex or sensitive issues, understanding colloquial references and dealing confidently with hostile questions.

CAN understand documents, correspondence and reports, including the finer points of complex texts.

CAN write letters on any subject and full notes of meetings or seminars with good expression and accuracy.

C2 Proficiency
ECPE 7-8 600+ – 250+  



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