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We are unfortunately obliged to announce that, in view of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns around the world, we are unable to offer this course option this summer. 

Travel restrictions or flight cancellations between countries has meant that the majority of our applicants were not able to plan travel to Greece in good time, or are still not allowed to travel to Greece for the foreseeable future (trainees from the US and UK especially)

If you are interested in completing work on the course content and taking your Module 1 and Module 3 assessments by the end of 2020, please have a look at our blended course programme which will be starting soon and which we hope will help candidates finish most of their Modules by the end of this calendar year. At the present moment of writing these lines (late June) Cambridge have not yet allowed Delta candidates to be assessed teaching online classes, as they have done for the CELTA course. We are hopeful that this situation will change as it becomes more and more obvious that this is the only way for many candidates to complete their Delta Diploma work.

Link to the Online/Blended course

A Face-to-Face integrated course covering all three Modules  – Soon we hope!

  8 weeks in Athens 

The Intensive Course in Athens is a full-time course completed over 8 weeks and offered in the summer and fall.


Workload during the 8-week course

During your 8-week course you will

  1. attend seminars and workshops covering all three modules in an integrated fashion.
  2. work on your Module 2 assignments and lesson preparation
  3. teach a diagnostic lesson and get feedback so you can begin working on your Professional Development assignment
  4. complete their 10 hours of directed observation with our classes
  5. finalise and submit final drafts of your background assignments and teach lessons connected to their Systems and Skills assignments – three observed & assessed internally and one by an External Assessor
  6. write an Experimental Practice Assignment and teach an Experimental lesson
  7. complete all written parts of your Professional Development Assignment.
  8. study towards your Module 1 written exam.
  9. be assessed by an external assessor
  10. sit for your Module 1 exam after the end of the 8 weeks

Module 3 assignment writing is usually done after the end of the 8-week course. During this stage, you will be assigned a supervising tutor who will support, review drafts and invite you to a number of online tutorials to support your writing.

Eligible Candidates

Preference is given to teachers with recent and varied classroom teaching experience, related degrees and an initial training qualification such as the Cambridge CELTA. A language analysis and methods assessment is used as part of the selection process.

School Details – Athens

The centre is situated in the heart of Athens and is easily accessible from every part of the city. It has been an Authorised Cambridge Teaching Awards Centre since 1993. The centre is especially supportive of its trainees, and offers:

  • Fully equipped spacious classrooms with interactive whiteboards.
  • Multilingual classes of adults where our candidates can observe and be observed while teaching.
  • Excellent pre-, while- and post-course support through a Delta course dedicated wiki with organised links, articles, and resources as well as sample assignments and videotaped seminars for preparation and revision.
  • Free internet access and use of PCs for lesson preparation and materials design
  • An excellent ELT dedicated library and resources, which have received high praise by all Cambridge Assessors.

Platforms used

Our candidates are also supported through

  • A course dedicated resources website, PBworks.  This acts as a repository for all resources needed for the trainees to study for their course.
  • A course dedicated communication platform, Schoology, for discussions, uploading of assignments, feedback on drafts and much more!
  • A closed Facebook group to help network with all our other international candidates, be invited to observe live or live-streamed lessons delivered at CELT (with our candidates’ permission, of course). This is also where we post jobs sent to our centre asking to connect with our candidates or alumni.]

Dates & tuition

Cambridge Delta Intensive Course Option
Face-to-Face All Modules 8- week summer course
  • June 15 – August 7 2020
All Modules 8-week fall course 
  • October 5 – November 27 2020


You can pay for your tuition via bank transfer, Pay Pal or credit card.

There are separate pages for individual courses for Module 1 and Module 3 that you can download from our website

Cambridge Assessment Dates for Modules 1, 2 & 3

Module 1 Written Exams can be taken at CELT if you are following a course near the due dates (first Wednesday of June and December each year) or can be taken at any Authorised CELTA/Delta centre near you. There are two exam sessions/periods for Modules 1 & 3, June & December – hence candidates attending fall courses will need to sit Module 1 exams in June or December in Athens or at a centre near them. Module 1 assessment can be taken before or after the Module 2 assessment.

Module 2 Teaching Assessments -CELT organises external assessments in late May, early August and late November. If requested, external assessments can be scheduled at other times of the year, provided an assessor can be found and the candidate is prepared to pay for the assessor’s flight and accommodation.

There are three exam sessions for Module 2, JuneOctober & December. All Module 2 internal assessments take place in Athens – the same goes for the last, external assessment, although in exceptional circumstances, an external assessor can be flown in to the candidate’s school at the candidate’s expense.

Module 3 assignment writing is usually done after the end of the 24-week course. During this stage, you will be assigned a supervising tutor who will support, review drafts and invite you to a number of online tutorials to support your writing.

Accommodation Options

Individual furnished flatsare available starting at 400-500 Euros per month (water, electricity & wifi charges included). Early booking is advised.

For a furnished room in a flat shared with one or two other trainees, a rental of 350 per room per month (including all bills as above) is usual. Of course, it is also possible to find accommodation on your own through one of the many sites that offer this service.

How to Apply

  1. Choose the start date which interests you. If you’re still unsure, please choose an approximate date for now – you will be able to specify later.
  2. Download the application form (Application Form Delta Full Time) and save it in your hard drive.
  3. Complete it offline in your own time and email it to
  4. Arrange a date and time when you can take your language and methodology screening exam; the written part is timed and takes about 90 minutes to complete; the interview, anywhere between 40 minute and an hour.

For More

For details regarding applications, content or timetable, please send an e-mail to:


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CELT Athens is an authorised teaching awards centre – Check the videos of trainees giving feedback about our centre (sidebar)

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