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In view of the current lockdown in Greece and most countries in the world, we are unable to offer new dates for in-person courses in Athens for the foreseeable future.

As a centre, we have responded to the harshness of enforced closures by starting online courses with the support of Cambridge Assessment who have allowed this to happen for the duration of the restrictions.

If interested in obtaining your CELTA qualification by attending and teaching online, please visit the dedicated page by clicking here or the image below.


Currently and in the next two-three months, online CELTA courses will also be assessed online, so anyone applying should be aware of the fact that the teaching practices will be done in an online class using Zoom.

Cambridge criteria will be applied in the same way and to help our candidates we have designed a pre-CELTA special course on teaching online.

Please visit this page to learn more about our fully online courses in June and July.


A blended course completed part time online & in Athens

Please read the General Introduction to the CELTA first and come back to this page

  • Are you a working professional who cannot take four weeks off work to follow a face-to-face CELTA course?
  • Are you unable to take more than two weeks off to do your CELTA teaching practicum?
  • Are you comfortable working with online resources?
  • Do you learn better when studying at your own pace?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all or most of the questions above, then the online CELTA course may be the best choice for you.

The CELTA Online is flexible and accessible: you can access the online materials at any time, giving you the flexibility to plan your CELTA work around your other professional and personal commitments.

Course Organisation

The Cambridge CELTA Course Online is a blended learning course, combining online self-study with hands-on teaching practice. As with the face-to-face course, the Cambridge CELTA Course Online has two components:

  • Input, which is delivered online with tutor support and
  • Teaching Practice, for which you need to travel to CELT Athens.

Important Information (for the blended courses) 

Online for the first few weeks of the course 

  • For the first weeks, you will be working on the course’s LMS (Learning Management System) which includes all the units of work to prepare you for teaching.
  • You will not be on your own! For the online component of the course, you will be assigned an online course tutor who will facilitate your work and provide you with feedback on assignments work and general progress.
  • You will also be working collaboratively in the forum provided and experiencing ‘live room’ tasks with tutor support, evaluation, and comment.
  • The online component of the course is not just studying resources: Our online platform will provide you with a flexible and engaging learning experience. Online tasks are practical and interactive.
  • You will cover the same topics as those following the face-to-face course.
  • Other than the online tasks, you will also complete and submit four assessed written assignments.

During this time, you will be able to log in and study at any time of the day or night convenient to you. Apart from the occasional ‘live classes’ which will be in the form of webinars, you will be free to regulate your own work and study time.

Teaching Practice in Athens

Teaching real students for a minimum of six hours – usually 8 or 9  40 – 45 minute lessons with  students at CELT Athens – is the heart of the CELTA course.

The amount, support and learning derived from this supervised teaching, is what makes this course so highly recommended, Teachers benefit from observing their tutors, their colleagues and learning from self and peer evaluations!!

  • The Cambridge CELTA Course Online uses exactly the same model of face-to-face supervised lesson planning, teaching practice, evaluation and feedback.
  • Each trainee completes six hours’ assessed teaching practice. This involves teaching on eight occasions and observing the teaching of other trainees in the teaching practice group. You teach learners at a minimum of two different levels, one of which will be lower than intermediate and the other intermediate level or higher.
  • As well as gaining hands-on experience teaching real learners, you will observe experienced teachers teaching classes of adult learners and watch peers teach their classes and participate in giving feedback.

This Teaching Practice component means that you will have to visit Athens (if you don’t already live there) for either an intensive stretch of about two weeks, or, a number of single one-day visits. Please ask us for more details by mail or during the interview with a course tutor.

The Online CELTA 

  • provides you with a CELTA Certificate which is the same as for the face-to-face course
  • covers the same content and knowledge as a contact/ face-to-face course
  • is well supported by CELT Athens tutors during the online component as well as during the two weeks in Athens
  • is assessed by a Cambridge appointed assessor in Athens. The assessor observes face-to-face teaching practice and has access to online materials and trainee assignments.

School Details – Athens

The centre is situated in the heart of Athens and is easily accessible from every part of the city. It ha been an Authorised Cambridge Teaching Awards Centre since 1993.

The centre is especially supportive to its trainees, and offers:

  • Multilingual classes of adults where our candidates can observe and be observed while teaching.
  • Excellent pre-, while- and post-course support through a Delta course dedicated wiki with organised links, articles, and resources as well as sample assignments and videotaped seminars for preparation and revision.
  • Free internet access and use of PCs for lesson preparation and materials design
  • An excellent ELT dedicated library and resources, which have received high praise by trainees and Cambridge assessors.


The Online CELTA course dates

Fully Online 
CELTA Courses

Blended CELTA Courses

Fully Online Courses during Lockdown*

  1. May 3  – June 28 2020
    (8 weeks semi-intensive fully online course)
  2. June 1  – August 31 2020
    (14 weeks part-time fully online course)
    N.B. Should the situation turn back to normal in the month of July, local candidates will be invited to complete their teaching assessments in our centre in Athens on the dates indicated below: 

    • Option 1   July  2-15 
    • Option 2  July 16-30 
  3. July 1 2020 – September 2 2020
    (10 weeks part-time fully online course)
      3. September 1 – December 1 2020

    • Option 1 – 14 weeks online with two intensive weeks in Athens:  24/09/2020-06/10/2020) 
    • Option 2 – 14  weeks online with 9 Saturdays in Athens visits within the following dates  27/09-22/11/2020 .
      1. Tuition fees for the blended or online courses are €1350  
      2. The Cambridge assessment & licensing for the online course  of €250 euros is not included in the tuition above. 
      3. For courses Nos 1 & 2, Cambridge ESOL has waived the licensing fee so only the exam fee is only €150 
      4. For course No 3, if the centre is open, the Teaching Practice classes will be taught face-to-face in Athens; Cambridge licensing fees will be an extra €100

To check our tuition fees in any currency you wish please visit   XE.com Personal Currency Assistant. Instalments are possible – more information via email  


For more details about the fully online CELTA courses which have been made possible under the current  extraordinary circumstances around the globe, please visit the page dedicated to that course option. Click here to find out how it is organised and assessed.

Follow these instructions to apply:

Choose the start date which interests you. If you’re still unsure, please choose an approximate date for now – you will be able to specify later.

  1. Download the Application Form for the CELTA and return completed to info@celt.edu.gr
  2. Use the same email if you have queries or would like to talk to one of our tutors.
  3. A member of our team will send you the ‘pre-interview task’ this is a pre-course written assessment.
  4. Complete the assessment in your own time (offline in your own time) and email it to info@celt.edu.gr
  5. Arrange a date and time when you can attend the interview with the course tutor.

If you are accepted and offered a place on the course, a tutor will inform you of the payment plan for your course option.

What can I do to prepare for my course?

Our tutorial team has put together a free website which anyone wishing to apply to follow a CELTA can try to improve their language level on their own or with a colleague. Click on the link below to access all the pages free of charge.

CELTA Preparation Free Website

The results of solitary/individual work vary – some individuals may do well, others may benefit by attending our Language for Teaching improvement course.

Cambridge ESOL has published a handbook which includes all the regulations and syllabus of the course. We have included it on the page in case you wish to read it before you apply.

Click to download the cambridge CELTA Syllabus Document

* The Cambridge Syllabus is in pdf format.  Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from here.

Click here to read the general facts about the CELTA or here to find out more about our online CELTA course options 

time when you can take your language and methodology screening exam

To check our tuition fees in any currency you wish please visit   XE.com Personal Currency Assistant. Installments are possible – more information via email or at the interview.

Send us an email from this page for more information:

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N.B. If you do send us an email and are waiting for an answer, do check your spam folder and enable all messages from celt.edu.gr as our messages may end up there.