CELTA in Athens


The face to face CELTA is offered as either a part-time course over 12-16 weeks or as an intensive full time course over 4 weeks. Face to face courses are suitable for people who live in or near Athens and for people who are able to come and spend at least four weeks in Athens. If you can’t come to Athens for more than two weeks, then you may want to consider the online CELTA instead.

Part time courses are offered at least twice during the academic year starting in October and January with sessions on three mornings per week (half-day sessions till 14.00) or once a week on Saturdays (all-day sessions). If you are currently in full time employment and live in or near Athens, the part-time CELTA, which allows you to complete the course at a more relaxed pace, may well be the best choice for you.

Full time courses are offered several times a year and last for four weeks (in February, May, June, July, August, September, November). These are intensive courses which require full commitment, as attendance is from 10:00 to 18:30 every day. This option is ideal for teachers who are prepared to work intensively for four weeks and complete all the CELTA assessment requirements within this period.

Dates & Tuition Fees for face-to-face courses in Athens

 Course Type



Full time – intensive in-Athens courses

   4 weeks  

November 5 – 30 2018
May 6 – 31 2019
June 3 – 28  2019
July 1 – 26 2019
August 5 – 31 2019
September 2 – 27 2019
November 4– 29 2019


 Part time in-Athens courses


14 weeks

16 weeks

Weekdays – 3 mornings a  week 10 a.m.-2p.m.
         October 15 2018 – February 8 2019 
         February 2 – June 7 2019
        September 30 2019 – January 22 2020

Saturdays – one day a week 10 a.m. – 19:00
         October 13 2018 – February 23 2019
         October 5 2019 – February 1 2010




* Save 250 euros on all the part-time in-Athens courses 

Please note that Early Bird Discounts do not apply to the discounted courses marked in blue above.

Tuition and Cambridge assessment fees must be paid fully up to one month in advance of the start of the course in the case of full time courses; to see the payment schedule for part time courses, please download and read the application form.

To check our tuition fees in any currency you wish   XE.com Personal Currency Assistant


Early Bird and other discounts 

A 10% discount offer is available for candidates who register and pay early (3 months prior to a course start), so do make sure you register early to secure a good discount and be certain you will have a place on one of our future courses.

Discounts are offered to groups of teachers from the same institution. The percentage is per case and cannot be determined in advance.

N.B. Early Bird Discounts do not apply to any of our special offer CELTA 4-week or any of the part time courses offered at a discount rate. 

Follow these instructions to apply:

    1. Download the CELTA application form
    2. Complete the document and return via email to info@celt.edu.gr
    3. A member of our team will send you the pre-interview written assessment to
      • complete and return via email and
      • to arrange a date and time when you can attend an interview (online or at CELT)
    4. If you are offered a place on the course, you should then pay for  your tuition & assessment in full (FT/intensive courses) or a deposit of 610 euros (PT courses in Athens).

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