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CELTA was a great experience! I never thought that it is possible to learn so much in 5 weeks, but it is. The course gave me the knowledge and the confidence to start my teaching career. I implement lots of things from the course, sometimes without even noticing it! It was intense, overwhelming, exhausting, but extremely rewarding. I am glad that I got a chance to get that experience, and to start my professional development with the lovely tutors of CELT Athens.


ESL teacher, ELI Schools Drogheda, Ireland CELTA Online 2022


The CELTA course was an amazing experience! It gave me the opportunity to explore the best teaching aspects of myself. I enjoyed the whole process, and I learned how to create really wonderful lessons. The tutors were really helpful by providing precise feedback that helped us to become professionals. Marisa, you helped us all by providing the very best tutors. There is nothing that you could have done more or better! 


Freelance ELT Teacher, Athens,, Greece, CELTA Online January 2023


CELTA was a wonderful journey, you made my dream come true and  I can’t believe I am a teacher!

I couldn’t have asked for better tutors, they were just fantastic. They trusted me and encouraged me, they were always there to help and guide me.
I will never forget them and my CELTA “family”.


Freelance ELT Teacher, Milan Italy, CELTA March 2023