Cambridge Delta Online Sessions Summer 2020

We know that many of you who opted for the summer intensive have a good reason – first because of the personal contact and, second, because the course is in the summer when you are not working.

Module 2 candidates registered to attend our 6-week course this summer may have to complete some or all the seminar input online in June. We remain uncertain as to whether travel to Europe will be possible as early as June but so far, many of our candidates who come from outside Greece are finding it difficult to travel, to get visas or be sure of being able to return to their home country after the course ends.

Cambridge Delta Integrated Blended Course

Please consider following our integrated blended course with online webinars, tutorials and workshops and face–to-face teaching when the situation permits you to travel to Athens and be safe. You can complete the input for all three Modules completely online and only come to Greece when it’s safe for you to travel.

We would like to start this course soon and for this reason we encourage you to check out dedicated course page to check out our new dates for integrated (all 3-module courses) and by individual module starting in July here 

Module 1 Only Online Course  

  1. July 15  –   November 25 2020 
  2. October 26 2020 – March 172021 
  3. December 1 2020 – May 26 2021
    One morning a week 10 a.m. – 13:30 EEST

Tuition & Assessment Fees

Tuition for this is 800 euros payable in three instalments.  Cambridge Assessment is 1

Sessions are recorded and made available to all our trainees,

Module 2 Only Blended Courses

  1. July 17 –   November 27 2020 
  2. October 29 2020 – March 19 2021
  3. December 3 2020 – May 28 2021
    One morning a week 10 a.m. – 13:30 EEST 

Tuition & Assessment Fees  

Tuition for Module 2 only is 2000 euros and Cambridge Assessment approx 160 euros

Under normal conditions, our candidates write their assignments while away/at home and come to Athens to teach our classes for their Teaching Practicum, usually in May, July or November. Individual arrangements with local or overseas candidates are also possible.

Supported by individual tutorials

Module 3 Only Online Support

Module 3 only courses are offered to external candidate by individual tutorial. Courses usually start 3-4 months ahead of exam sessions in June or December Check out our list of Specialisms here

ELT MAnagement course offered

Tuition & Assessment Fees

 Tuition fees are 600 euros – and Cambridge Assessment app. 120.

Centre for English Language & Training, 3 G.Gennadiou Street, 106 78 Athens, Greece

Tel +30 210 3302406 | +30 210 3301455 | Fax +30 210 3301202|  E-mail:

If you have sent us an email and are waiting for an answer, check your spam folder
and enable all messages from as our messages may end up there. 


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