Upcoming Fully Online CELTA Courses in 2020

  1. July 1 – September 2
  2. September 1-December 1
  3. October 5-December 18 
  4. December 1-March 5 2021

Well into our second fully online course, we are pleased to announce that in view of the continued lockdowns and rise in cases in different parts of the world, Cambridge has extended permission to run fully online courses till the end of this calendar year. 

Clearly, this is not the ideal case for every single candidate, but it is an extra set of skills which contact courses did not develop in our candidates on such programs. 

Tuition & Assessment Fees

Tuition for this is 1500 euros payable in three installments.  

Cambridge assessment fees are included in this price. 

Same Certificate as for in-person course

Some candidates often worry about their certification after completing an online CELTA course. First of all, the Certificate is exactly the same as for in-person courses, and further, none of our online candidates who have been awarded the CELTA certificate from an online course have ever had problems with employers.

It’s about the pedagogy, not about the tech! 

More and more teachers are getting more comfortable with teaching online – our own candidates are often immediately employed by online training outfits and it doesn’t take them long to adjust.

Please read a recent blog post of a CELTA trainee who recently completed her CELTA with online teaching assessments. 

Free Teaching Languages Online Prep Course

We offer all our CELTA candidates a mini course within their course to train them up to teach online as this is not included in the CELTA syllabus guidelines. These extra training hours will be offered free of charge to all applicants.
N.B. this applies to the training for teaching online but not the CELTA course itself. 

Click here to learn more about the CELTA and here to download an application form

Three out of four job adverts mention the CELTA as the minimum qualification

I can trust CELTA qualified teachers because they need less support even when they have no experience at all prior to their course!

Marie Simpson

DOS, English Centre


Centre for English Language & Training, 3 G.Gennadiou Street, 106 78 Athens, Greece

Tel +30 210 3302406 | +30 210 3301455 | Fax +30 210 3301202|  E-mail:  info@celt.edu.gr

If you have sent us an email and are waiting for an answer, check your spam folder
and enable all messages from celt.edu.gr as our messages may end up there. 


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