CELTA Fully Online in May and June

Our online life has suddenly become our only social glue, our pastime, our connection with family and loved ones, our source of news and cautions about how to survive and stay healthy and safe, and, of course, our main learning tool.

The lockdown has left a lot of us with time in our hands and for those who are thinking of teaching as a career, it is a good idea to turn to new avenues of education, learning a new application, a new skill, new ways of teaching or, simply, to upgrade our qualifications.

Responding to this need, Cambridge Assessment has allowed CELTA centres to allow full online delivery of CELTA course during the time of the lockdown.


Dates: May 3 – June 28 

At CELT, we have been offering online courses for quite some time now and have the experience and know-how that allows us to teach online without last minute panic.

We already have been using one of the best online classroom platforms for more than 8 years now delivering Delta and CELTA courses and we are ready!

This classroom allows participants audio, video, text chat and screen sharing (standard tools in all live classrooms) as well as other great functionalities, such as dividing students into separate rooms in order to do groupwork !

For more information on the timetable, amount of work and number of live online sessions every week, you should send us a message – we envisage two such sessions every week and the rest of the study time can be done when you can as it is asynchronous study in the Cambridge Moodle platform. 

Same Certificate as for in-person course

Some candidates often express concern about their certification after completing an online CELTA course. First of all, the Certificate is exactly the same as for in-person courses, and further, none of our online candidates who have been awarded the CELTA certificate from an online course have ever had problems with employers.

Tuition & Assessment Fees

Tuition for this very special option is 1350 euros plus the usual Cambridge assessment fee of 150 euros. Tuition can be paid in a one-time payment or in three instalments – please email us for more details about the payment schedule. 

To check our tuition fees in any currency you wish please visit Personal Currency Assistant. Installments are possible – more information via email or at the interview.


Special offer to the May-June Online CELTA candidates

To our May-June Online CELTA candidates, we offer all candidate a mini course within their course to train them up to teach online as this is not included in the CELTA syllabus guidelines.

These extra training hours will be offered free of charge to all applicants. Take advantage of this great opportunity to attend a course taught by experienced online tutors.

N.B. this applies to the training for teaching online but not the CELTA course itself. 

Click here to learn more about the CELTA and here to download an application form

Apply now to follow our May-June CELTA fully online course

Click to download the cambridge CELTA Syllabus Document

* The Cambridge Syllabus is in pdf format.  Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from here.


To apply or ask for more information:

Please complete the form below to send us an email  from this page

N.B. If you do send us an email and are waiting for an answer, do check your spam folder and enable all messages from as our messages may end up there.

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  1. I would like to sent me more information about the cost ..the timetable and if it totally online without having to travel to Athens..

  2. Hi, I’m from Italy. I have been teaching English and preparing students for the Cambridge exams for the last 15 years. I’d really like to have more information about the course and to join it. Thanks

  3. Hi, I’d like to learn more about the schedule for th May-June online course. Which days, how many hours a day and any other relevant details.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Hello! I would like some more information please on the timetable of the lessons . I work full time at a school if schools re open in May I need to know the about timetable and expectations! Thank you in advanced.

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