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CELT International Teacher Development Centre 


In view of the Covid-19 pandemic in Greece and around the world, we are unable to offer new dates for in-person courses in Athens for the foreseeable future. Although Athens is no longer in lockdown mode, social distancing restrictions have resulted in difficulties finding students for the CELTA ie Delta teaching assessments.  Without students, there can be no CELTA or Delta as the teaching is the heart of these courses, and where our trainees learn the most and the best!

Cambridge CELTA Fully Online announcement

Luckily for many candidates, Cambridge has risen to the occasion and has allowed us to offer fully online courses for the duration of the pandemic. Candidates who would never be able to travel to Europe for any reason, may be able to benefit from this unique opportunity.

As a centre, we have responded to the current situation and with Cambridge permission, we have introduced the following changes:

  • Transitioning of all CELTA courses to a fully online mode of delivery – this will continue until further notice
  • CELTA trainees now teacher their students online instead of teaching at CELT in Athens
  • We have reached out to many other countries and our online students are multicultural and multilingual
  • We have created a Teaching Languages Online short preparation course to help candidates with online teaching tools and applications

Cambridge has now extended their initial deadline which has been moved to the end of this year, so all courses that start this year and until the end of December will be delivered fully online.   If interested in obtaining your CELTA qualification by attending such and teaching online, please visit the dedicated page by clicking here.

Why is the CELTA the one ‘must-do’ course?

Look for any job abroad and you are bound to come across the Cambridge CELTA listed as one of the basic requirements.

There are so many very good reasons for this!

  • The CELTA Certificate is recognised by employers worldwide
  • As a trainee you go through a rigorous selection process
  • Employers know you have been taught how to teach using your course-book as well as from material you have designed yourself!
  • You have had plenty of opportunities to teach live classses (as opposed to online certificates which do not include teaching practicums)
  • You were taught at a recognised centre by Cambridge approved tutors who have appropriate training qualifications and experience
  • Each and every course taught is inspected and moderated by Cambridge appointed assessors.

How many online cheap TEFL courses do you know that can offer so many guarantees?

Course Offerings*

We offer two types of courses, a contact course in Athens which is part time over 12 or 16 weeks and an online course. For more information on the course option of your choice, please  click on the links below to read more about your preferred mode of course delivery.

  • CELTA courses in Athens – Seminars, Workshops and Teaching Assessments are all delivered in Athens.
  • The Online CELTA, a blended course with seminars online and Teaching Assessments in Athens. Teaching Practice: This is done with our free students who are from different countries and ensures that our candidates have experience of teaching multinational and multiculrural adult groups of learners.

CELTA in Athens

4 week courses

12 weeks

16 weeks

Full time – intensive in-Athens courses

  •  March 2 – March 30
  •  May 4 – May 29
  •  August 31 – September 25 ____________________________________________________
  •  June 1 – June 26
  •  July 6 – July 31
  •  August 3 – August 28
  €1200 ________ €1300

Part-time in-Athens courses

  • January 20 – April 12 2020 (12 weeks)
  • September 28 – December 18 (12 weeks)

Weekdays – 3 mornings a week 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

  • October 3 – January 30 (16 weeks)

Saturdays – one day a week 10 a.m. – 19:00

  €1200 ________

idge assessment fee of 160 euros is extra 

The Online CELTA course dates

Part-time/ Blended

  • January 6 – May 2 2020
    •  16 weeks online with two intensive weeks in Athens: 04/03/2020 – 17/03/2020  (few places available)
  • September 1 2020 –  January 16 2021
    • Option 1 – 18 weeks online with two intensive weeks in Athens:  24/09/2020-06/10/2020) 
    • Option 2 – 18 weeks online with 9 Saturdays in Athens visits within the following dates  27/09-22/11/2020 .

N.B. The Cambridge assessment & licensing for the online course  of 250 euros is not included in the tuition above.  To ch

To check our tuition fees in any currency you wish please visit   XE.com Personal Currency Assistant. Instalments are possible – more information via email

What you need in order to apply and be accepted

Ideally you should:

  • have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education
  • be aged 18 or over
  • have a standard of English which will enable you to teach a range of levels including advanced classes
  • You may still be accepted if you do not have formal qualifications at this level but can demonstrate that you would be likely to complete the course successfully.

Follow these instructions to apply:

  1. Download the Application Form for the CELTA and return completed to info@celt.edu.gr Use the same email if you have queries or would like to talk to one of our tutors.
  2. A member of our team will send you the ‘pre-interview task’ this is a pre-course written assessment.
  3. Complete the assessment in your own time (offline in your own time) and email it to info@celt.edu.gr
  4. Arrange a date and time when you can attend the interview with the course tutor.

If you are accepted and offered a place on the course, a tutor will inform you of the payment plan for your course option.

How we select course participants

Selection of participants is determined through

  1. a pre-course language test which must be completed and sent in before the interview. This test aims to ensure that your language knowledge and skills are of a high enough level to be able to deal with the course successfully as well as to teach adult learners at a range of levels.
  2. a personal interview with a CELTA Tutor. In cases where a face-to-face interview is not possible, it is acceptable to be interviewed over the phone, Skype, Google Talk or other voice messenger.

Both native and non-native speakers are accepted on the course and both are expected to have a level of education, language awareness and competence in English which will enable them to deal with all aspects of the assessment in a successful way.

Why you should do your CELTA with us! 

We have been operating as a teacher education centre since 1993 and are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all the teacher training programmes she has designed and supervises.

CELT Athens is an Authorised Cambridge Teaching Awards Centre for CELTA and DELTA and has been running Cambridge Diploma level courses since 1993.

We guarantee excellence in all the areas below:

  • quality of tutor input and support
  • a rich and varied ELT library with all the books you need for your background reading
  • a lifetime library membership for our trainees
  • fantastic teaching facilities at our new centre with all the necessary tech including IWB’s (interactive whiteboards)
  • online support with special access to resources and self-access study materials
  • job support through our online closed community
  • a strong alumni community which offers peer support and an international network of peers
  • a very strong presence in all the social media and online communities of ELT professionals through community work, volunteering, blogging and more!

And of course, attending the course takes place in Athens, one of the friendliest and safest cities in Europe is a great bonus for lovers of Greece, Greek history and the quick and easy access to some heavenly spots for a quick break during or after your course! Last but not least, our Centre Director  Marisa Constantinides is an international blogger, conference speaker and materials designer, who has put together a great team of CELTA trainers. Read our reviews and testimonies from our trainees here 

How Difficult is it? 

The Cambridge CELTA is a demanding but highly rewarding course. During your attendance, you will be following seminars and workshops by  top tutors and teaching our adult classes or observing fellow trainees teach these classes.   The course will equip you with all the basic teaching, planning and design skills you need in order to deal with any teaching problem.N.B. The Cambridge assessment & licensing for the online course  of 250 euros is not included in the tuition above.

What can I do to prepare for my course?

Our tutorial team has put together a free website which anyone wishing to apply to follow a CELTA can try to improve their language level on their own or with a colleague. The results of solitary/individual work vary – some individuals may do well, others may benefit by attending our Language for Teaching improvement course. Cambridge ESOL has published a handbook which includes all the regulations and syllabus of the course. We have included it on the page in case you wish to read it before you apply. Click here to download the cambridge CELTA Syllabus Document

* The Cambridge Syllabus is in pdf format.  Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from here.


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