Creativity in English Language Teaching – Marisa Constantinides one of the authors and speaker at the events

Dear Readers, this is to record the event that was held in London on the 24th of June 2015 at the British Council in Spring Gardens

You can download the full book FREE from this page

Follow this link if you want to get a feel of where it happened , the programme of the event as well as other activities and competitions around the event itself – and of course, follow the #ELTcreativity hashtag if on Twitter!

marisa_bannerCELT Athens Director of Studies Marisa Constantinides was one of the keynote speakers at this event, having been one of the authors of the 18 chapters of a book full of ideas on how to include more creative activities in your lessons and how to engage and motivate your learners. The book has already been hailed with enthusiastic comments from teachers who participated in the book launch event, on Twitter and by reviewers in the blogosphere. Read Sylvia Guinan’s great review and summary of all the chapters here.

Click on the image to read Sylvia Guinan’s review

The event was livestreamed as well as attended live by about 200 teachers in the British Council Headquarters in London – if you would like to watch the recording of all the presentations, the link below includes all three talks by Mr Maley, Marisa Constantinides and Malu Sciamarreli beamed from Brazil

Write us a comment if you enjoyed Marisa’ s ideas and if you tried any of her activities with your learners.  During the talk, there was an artist drawing images inspired by the talks – which was great!!!!

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