Fostering Teacher Creativity – Webinar to celebrate book launch! June 17

Marisa Constantinides:           Creating Creative Teachers

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 6:00:00 PM EEST – 7:00:00 PM EEST

Creativity is a topic which has received much attention lately, especially after Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED talk, with many conference talks, articles and blog posts giving us new and exciting ways of including creativity in our educational objectives and including activities to promote it. In this webinar, I want to focus on helping teachers, rather than learners, with developing their own creative thinking skills so that they, in turn can do a great job with their learners. This talk aims to give ideas to teacher trainers practising or prospective, as well as to teachers who can use many of the ideas and activities in their own teacher self-help groups.

You can watch the recording below 

Marisa Constantinides

Marisa Constantinides is a teacher, teacher educator, conference presenter and ELT author. She is the Director of CELT Athens, a CELTA & DELTA centre in Athens offering face-to-face and online courses. Marisa is one of the moderators of #ELTchat and maintains various blogs including the very popular TEFL Matters blog. She is @Marisa_C on Twitter and you can connect with her on various social networks, all listed on her page


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