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<![CDATA[I am delighted to have received this award, which is part of an initiative called “Vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog”, which means “It’s worth keeping an eye on this blog”. The chosen blog has to copy the picture above, with a link to the blog from which it has received the award . Then write ten more links to the blogs which you think are well worth a visit. They in turn if they would like to, of course, copy the image above and link to 10 blogs, which shouldn’t be the ones I have chosen below. I was linked into this project by Eva Buyuksimkesya  through her  blog A Journey in TEFL. I would like to thank Eva for including my Edublog in this lovely initiative.

Here is Eva’s list of favorities which I am not supposed to repeat – but do please check them out as she was there first and put in some of my favorites, too!

Here is my list of 10 blogs which I think are definitely worth having a look at:

  1. That ‘SLife –  Gavin Dudeney
  2. Jeremy Harmer’s Blog
  3. Tao Te(a)ching   –  Diarmuid Fogarty
  4. A-Z   –   Scott Thornbury
  5. Daily English Activities – Nik Peachey
  6. Nik’s Quick Shout  Nik Peachey
  7. Lathophobic Aphasia  –  Stephen Bower
  8. TEFLtastic – Alex Case
  9. Anna Begonia’s Blog
  10. Free Technology for Teachers – Robert Byrne

As you see, my list of favorites is a real mixture and I am sorry I have no more items left but do please check my blogroll to get an idea of the rest!

Thank you Eva and I am passing it on!


Many thanks to the following bloggers who mentioned this blog in their lists

The PLN Staff Lounge by Sue Lyon Jones – United Kingdom  – Twitter ID  @esolcourses

A Journey in TEFL by Eva Buyuksikesyan – Turkey – Twitter ID @evab2001

Anna Begonia’s Blog by Antonella Berriolo – Spain  – Twitter ID @aberriolo

English Raven Weblog by Jason Renshaw – Australia Twitter ID @englishraven

Authentic Teaching by Willy C . Cardoso – Brazil  Twitter ID @willycard

Linguistic Consultancy by Marisa Pavan – Argentina   Twitter ID @Mtranslator

Vicky Lora’s Blog by Vicky Loras – Greece – Twitter ID  @vickyloras

Sabrina’s Weblog by Sabrina De Vita – Argentina – Twitter ID  @sabridv

So, the thread connects us all from different parts of the world in a great PLN which supports, informs and shares their learning. I am very happy to be part of it and thanks again to all who saw something in this blog and included it in their “Top 10” !

Follow their blogs and follow the other bloggers on their lists as well – you have so much to gain and nothing to lose!

And do also follow them on Twitter!


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10 replies

    • Hi Janet, I think it is a lovely initiative, too and one that would point us in the direction of interesting blogs.


    • Hi Jason! I love your video comments!

      Anna’s blog is a fantastic account of her work in Second Life and truly worth reading. I would also like to highlight Stephen’s blog “Lathobopic Aphasia”, a blog I always enjoy reading for its candid and very intelligent posts. The fact that it openly declares “gay” as one of its topics seems to turn people away from it, which is a real shame – I find homophobic educators really very limited and intolerant and not likely to make it to my top list just for this reason.

      Thanks for visiting!


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