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The Cambridge Delta 

The Diploma – Status & Recognition

The Cambridge DELTA Diploma is a professional qualification  at level 7 as regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) on the Qualifications and Credit Framework and given premium product endorsement by NEAS in Australia.  

It is postgraduate in level and although it is not a Masters on its own, most UK universities will give Delta holders exemptions and credits on their MA courses related to the subject of teaching English, Linguistics or Applied Linguistics. You can view the list  of exemptions on several UK M.A. programmes hereIn the Cambridge Teaching Qualifications Framework, the Delta is at the level of Proficient to Expert Teacher.

Career development value

After the CELTA, the Cambridge Delta is one of the most sought after and well-respected qualifications internationally. It is recognised by all British Universities and is fast becoming a prerequisite for some of the most interesting jobs in our field all over the world.  DELTA holders find themselves eligible for more interesting careers including positions as Directors of Studies, Level Coordinators and Teacher Trainers.

The three Modules 

The course is organised around three modules, each of which is assessed separately. Our centre offers courses which integrate all three modules but also courses for candidates who prefer to study one module at a time.

Module 1 assessed via a 3-hour written exam
Module 2 assessed via 5 assignments including background essays and teaching assessment
Module 3 assessed via an extended course planning assignment or an innovation proposal for a school

You can download the DELTA Handbook for all three Modules from the Cambridge website. 

Why you should do your DELTA with us! 

CELT Athens is an Authorised Cambridge Teaching Awards Centre for the Cambridge DELTA and has been running Diploma level courses since 1989. 

We guarantee excellence in:

  • Quality of instruction with experienced & dedicated tutors – check here
  • A rich and varied ELT library offline and online
  • Fantastic teaching facilities in the centre of Athens & unparalleled online support
  • A strong alumni community; an international network of peers; we are a 
  • connected centre with a strong presence in all social media and online ELT communities 
  • Job support during and after your course. 
  • A variety of course options and start dates available 

Who Can Apply

If you have some recent and varied classroom teaching experience, related degrees and an initial training qualification such as the Cambridge CELTA, you are welcome to apply.

Each application is reviewed on its own merit, so if you think you are eligible because of experience and continuous professional development but have no formal qualifications, you may still be accepted on the course.

The selection process is rigorous and aims to ensure your potential for success. A language analysis and teaching methods pre-course assessment is used as part of the selection process. For more details, please send us an email and book an appointment with the Course Tutor. 

How to Apply

    1. Download the DELTA Application form and save it in your hard drive
    2. Complete it offline in your own time and email it to
    3. Send in a lesson plan you have recently written for one of your classes (not for a course you attended)
    4. Arrange a date and time when you can take your language and methodology screening exam 
    5. Attend a personal interview with the course director who will let you know if you are accepted immediately after your interview.
  1. If offered a place on the course, you will be invited to pay in your deposit, join our learning platforms to begin your study and preparation for the course.  


    Our Course Options

    Our DELTA courses are available in two ways. Please click on each option to visit the information page and decide which is more suited to your needs and your schedule.

    You can attend the integrated (all three modules option) or one module at a time. 

    all modules online  DATES & TUITION MODULE 1 MODULE 2  

    Send us an email from this page


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