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Our Nominations for the Edublogs Awards 2012 – #eddies 2012

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Here are our nominations for the Edublogs Awards 2012.

Best individual blog

Tony Gurr’s Blog All Things Learning - because he worries about his posts and I like the way he thinks about teaching and learning 

Best individual tweeter Shellt Terrell @ShellTerrell because she always tweets great content and is a great educator besides
Best group blog

www.eltchat.org  It’s a blog maintained by its moderators but the content is co-created through the conversations of dozens of twitter teachers which are then
written up into summaries by a wonderful collection of ELT bloggers!!

Best edtech / resource sharing blog

Nik Peachey’s Quick Shout Blog  because he makes edtech look so easy to use

Best twitter hashtag

#ELTchat because it connects hundreds of ELT teachers every week on Twitter and keeps contributing to their development in a free and autonomous way; because it has created a PLN which is supportive and shares knowledge in a connected world. 

Best New Blog

Carol Goodey’s New Blog because it’s the blog of a reflective teacher

Best teacher blog

Box of Chocolates -
Cecilia Lemos’ blog; because she reflects so well on her teaching and uses
her blog to become an outstanding teacher.

Best free web tool

At the time of writing this post, I am finding great value in curation tools; my favourite this year is Pinterest. 

Best open PD / unconference / webinar series

BESIG online webinars  

Best educational use of a social network

The aPLaNet Project Ning  because it provides a meeting
point for teacher who mentor other teachers in the use of social networking tools for education. 

Author: Marisa Constantinides

I train TEFL teachers at CELT in Athens Greece and interact with educators from all over the world through Twitter and blogging

One thought on “Our Nominations for the Edublogs Awards 2012 – #eddies 2012

  1. Guys,

    I totally “missed” this – I actually read the post a few days back but did not see your “first” nomination (I am getting old and if it is not in a “box” or “chart” I just don’t get it sometimes – I am a “man” and we ain’t very good at multi-tasking) ;-)

    Thank you for the “nod” – and for hitting it right on the head about “worrying” (I think we all should do more of that – especially “me” and my eyesight)! ;-)

    Take care!


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